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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. I saw a Police reunion gig there, along with U2 and REM gigs. It's ok as a venue, I'm just not a fan of stadium gigs in general so won't be attempting to get tickets for DM, as much as I love them.
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  2. The Latin phrase memento mori literally means, "Remember that you must die." The phrase has its origins in ancient Rome, where it is believed that slaves accompanying generals on victory parades whispered the words as a reminder of their commander’s mortality, to prevent them from being consumed by hubris (excessive pride and self-confidence). The concept has become a familiar trope in the visual arts from the medieval period to the present.
  3. I also hate stadium gigs but I with my favourite artists all mainly being of a certain age each tour may very well be their last I do not want to miss this one.
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  4. I’m not a fan but with any thoughts they may not tour much more I’m tempted. Tho paying £100 to stand in a field and hope it doesn’t rain whilst listening to (usually) average sound doesn’t appeal as much as anywhere indoors
  5. Well from what we know so far, Twickenham is the only UK date so getting tickets for that will be close to impossible. I'm hoping later on more and better venues/ dates in the UK will be released as it won't be much of a world tour in they are only doing a handful of dates.
  6. For the Global Spirit Tour they played a stadium gig in the June followed by arena shows in the November. Fingers crossed the same happens with the new tour. I guess we will find out a little more in an hour or so. I am hoping we get a new song / single today and of course the pre-order links for the copious amounts of formats for Memento Mori.
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  7. The album still needs to be mixed and mastered but they said it’s due out in March.
    Do they know about the vinyl wait lists and how it delays new releases…hmm?

    The new song snippet sounds amazing.
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  8. Yes the new song sounds great, looking forward to hearing the full track, it sounds quite upbeat yet melancholy. I was also wondering about the vinyl release, maybe they’ve booked a slot with a view to have to album completely by the end of this month if it’s just the mixing and mastering left to do, but also maybe the vinyl will come later, which I doubt, as first week sales rely on this format now.
  9. The snippet sounds incredible. Exciting!

    I am sure DM and team have their slot booked for the various pressings.
  10. Yeah the new song snippet sounded quite upbeat and synthy for DM these days.

    These press conferences always seem so awkward and lack any decent questions. I guess they are just a promotional tool to announce the dates.

    I can't remember last time now long we had to wait for pre order links for the new album after the tour announcement. They probably want people to spend money on tickets before the album. Plus they may want to save the reveal on the album cover and tracklisting.

    Anyone want to get that the album will be grey and black as per usual?
  11. Blimey! With all those dates I am so glad I am not a DM mega fan.

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  12. The new song is upbeat in the way Blasphemous Runours is upbeat yet with a darker undertone.
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  13. Are they still paying Corbijn or are they using Craiyon now?
  14. His sleeve designs for dm over the past 20 years all look pretty much the same. Visually it would be great to see something different but I'm expecting more grey and black colouring in.
  15. It's so boring.
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  16. Poor northern Germans. Two times Düsseldorf, but no Hamburg?
    Anyway, I'll try to get tickets, as I somehow never managed to see them live so far.

    If the design for that tour poster is any indication for the design of the album sleeve...sigh.
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  17. It’s probably too much to ask for shows in Australia, it’s only been 30 years…
    Hopefully they’ll at least add something in Asia, I’d do a short flight. But flying all the way to Europe again is not on the cards for us next year.
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  18. Not much love for the home market is there, six gigs in Germany though.
  19. Woo hoo, gold circle secured for Twickenham.
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