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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. When did they go on sale???
  2. o2 priority sale is today.
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  3. So you have o2 priority. Then live nation pre sale. Then general sale. Or is there some other ‘masons handshake’ type group that gets them in advance too?
    Want standing, but don’t want to be miles back from the stage!
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  4. The love for DM here in the UK has never been as strong as Germany so I can understand there being more concerts there.
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  5. Crickey! That is a longtime. DM chart well in Australia?
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  6. How much were the GC tickets?
  7. Sorry I must have skim read your message @BootedGay71

    Gold Circle was £139.

    £84 for general entry.
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  8. I’m not sure to be honest, but I think Violator and it’s singles did well here.
    There were problems with the Violator tour though, think some shows were cancelled?
    The Songs of Faith and Devotion album may not have appealed to the general public as much here but the tour did much better from memory.
    Overall they might not make as much money from touring here but some shows for us die hard fans once every few decades would be appreciated.
    I do think they would sell a lot more tickets these days as they have become more of a legendary band.
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  9. To think I saw them on the Black Celebration tour for about £6.
  10. I saw them on the World Violation Tour at the old Wembley Arena (Nov 1990 I think!) - great gig!
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  11. I was at Birmingham NEC for that tour. First time I got to see them live… just finalised my love of them as a band
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  12. On the presale at 10, didn’t give me ticket options until several minutes later, then 3000 ahead of me in queue and when I finally was shown a ticket choice there were no standing left. In a stadium. Jeez…

    EDIT: so then I couldn’t help myself and tried half hour later and standing tickets available with no effort or repeated tries. Odd. But I’m going so hoorah!!
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  13. Recently I had a look at some of my old concert tickets and it is is incredible to think some where £5 - £15 and even for shows in the 90's and now well ££££ for most artists and lets not forget the menu of options.
  14. Surely DM could travel to Australia for a national tour and sell out decent size venues. I have noticed DM have not played in Japan since the 90's either. Strange!
  15. Fellow Mode fans, question about the CD single version of Personal Jesus (UK Cd bong version) if anyone can answer it - Discogs isn’t conclusive. Do the 3” and 5” versions of the single share the same artwork? My sleepy purchase of 3” cd that’s missing from my collection has had someone butcher the sleeve to be smaller (and I failed to notice because eBaying when I should be a sleep is a flawed plan!). CD fine as most important bit but now hoping to pick up a wrecked disc with decent cover if it is the same. Cheers all!
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  16. I own the UK 5" CD single of Personal Jesus, and judging from ebay, some of the 3" editions share the exact same artwork.

    And some don't....some squash the song title, making it run to two lines. Maybe it's a territory thing.
  17. Im pretty sure they do. I always assumed the 3" version was the 1989 original and 5" was a reissue . The 3" comes in a standard case with adapter and same sleeve as 5" i thought. I maybe wrong but Mute reprinted many dm cd singles throughout the 90s so they remained in stock so could still be bought in major retailer and their website, mutebank.

    I think there is just a different cd sleeve for the pump mix but all versions of the hollier than thou mix have the same sleeve.
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  18. My memory is terrible with these things, and I can partly blame it on not actually handling the CDs myself back in 1989 due to my health condition, but I'm sure my August 1989 copy is a full size 5" disc. I might have to check.
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  19. You could be right. I do know that both personal jesus uk cds were issued as 3" in 1989 but they may have isued 5" version in 1989 too. I wasn't buying dm then like you so you would know better than me. Looking it up i can see a 5" version was also (re)issued in the uk in 1992
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  20. All explained here

    Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 12.21.38 AM.png
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