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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Thanks everyone- think I’ll be safe to pick up a 5” version (ie the cheaper option!) and do some judicious sleeve swapping. Honestly who chops up a cd single sleeve? Argh (screams my music related compulsiveness!)
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  2. I've seen a few in my time (and had them sent to me via ebay purchases).
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  3. Discogs in the answer! (maybe)
  4. I’m seeing release dates but not sure how legit they are?
    First Single 3rd Feb plus I’m assuming album pre order that week too?
    Album 17th March
    I guess if true we’ll know next week.
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  5. I think the album date is 100% correct as the mini tour starts on 23rd March in the US. Single we can but hope.
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  6. I've been thinking about the lead single a lot this week, as normally we start to get news of the album and the first single drop around this time of year (since Songs of the Universe), I'm ready for this.
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  7. I have had an e-mail from Depeche to ready myself for next Friday, so single must be coming then
  8. Yeah they are doing a countdown on their instagram page, new single and probably album info/pre order out Friday 3rd Feb.

    Single is rumoured to be called Ghosts or Ghosts Again.

    I'm so ready for this new era.
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  9. So excited for the new era - very interested to see what direction they go in sonically/visually.
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  10. Im not expecting to be surprised by the sound or visuals of the new album. I think dm have trodden familiar ground for the past 20 years and thats fine and to be expected for a band over 40 years in to their career.

    All being said, i always have high hopes that the new single will be great and i really think this could be up there as one. Hope the album gives them a uk no.1 that they deserve, 30 years after their last.
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