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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by itzkk96, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Mondays are the worst. Haven’t felt this bad in weeks.
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  2. So I finally got to meet with a counseller at uni today. It went OK? I'm always so awkward at these things. She was certainly the most eccentric one I'd ever had but she was really interesting and seemed to get me at least a little more than other's I'd had before. She was really sweet, if a little hippie dippy, anyway, I'm going to see her again next week.
  3. Hi guys, new to this thread.

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced what I seem to go through every single night.

    Just before I enter the realm of sleep, I get a very weird rush in my chest that causes me to open my eyes and sit up. I get it about 5-10 times before I finally nod off, but it’s incredibly frustrating and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

    I went for tests last February and the doctors put it down to anxiety, but I’m really not sure how to just make it go away?

    Not sure if I’m being clear enough, but it feels like an adrenaline rush, my heart starts racing and I get tingles in my right shoulder. I hope I’ve made some sense!
  4. Unfortunately yeah, this sounds anxiety related. My body goes through all sorts of weird things when I get anxious (neck aches, adrenaline/heart pounding that makes me convinced I'm having a heart attack, tingly limbs) – even if I consciously feel anxious or not – and they're annoying.

    Have you tried ditching screens before bedtime, and trying some mindfulness/meditation stuff?
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  5. Not getting the validation from work is really not helping my mental health. It makes me feel less than and that I’ve come so far in my career to be ignored and pushed over again.
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  6. What happened?
  7. I know this sounds like typical doctors advice that makes you roll your eyes but last year I was so, so down, especially in the last few months of the year, but since joining the gym this January I can't describe it - I feel like a dark cloud has lifted? Maybe it's the exercise, maybe it's the routine of going, and I know it doesn't work for everyone but I'm feeling kind of proud of myself for it. I didn't even join with the purpose of helping my mood, it's just crept up on me!
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  8. I went to see a counsellor while at University and I found it really helpful. I didn’t realise how much impact University life actual has your mental health until I was struggling. People just think it’s bar crawls and fun, but it’s actually a lot of pressure.

    Hope you get something out of it.
  9. I wanna work out but i have a fear of my heart going too fast. Ugh
  10. Are you sure it's not the D
    (and not the Poo/Pee).
  11. The D has been a constant <3
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Only if u show urs
  14. Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.
  15. They gave me a shitty 2019 bonus from what I got last 2018 and the increment was horrible as well after working there for 5 years. While newbies coming in with less experience (getting a lot of help from my team) but more ass kissing skills are being lauded over and getting more bonuses after working there for just less than a year.

    Typical corporate bullshit.

    When I voiced out my dissatisfaction I was told to be grateful with what I’ve got and if made any further remarks they’ll hold the payment and decide if I’m getting anything at all - which I saw and read as a complete threat.

    Fucking unprofessional and totally disgusting. I’ll focus on getting out this year.
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  16. When I had a short spell of severe anxiety many years ago, I had this exact same fear. I had a bit of CBT and my therapist recommended a heart rate monitor to keep an eye on things etc. I found great relief in having the control but also watching my heart rate come down after going up. It still bothered me a bit but over time it completely subsided. All the best x
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  17. I had been living with a man for three months and i had developed a huge crush to him and we shared a lot. However i ended up lending him a good amount of money like an idiot and now he has kinda disappeared on me. He had been talking about his life being in danger and he never actively tried to use me for money (as far as i could feel in that situation) so i'm also scared for his life if he were telling the truth.

    I am very triggered by all of this. The theme of being abused feels similar and now i feel like that lost child again.
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  18. It's ridiculous how internet can approximate people but at same time this isn't really good at all? I was doing so fine today until a billion of family problems started pop up on my whatsapp. I wish people could just resolve their on questions and don't envolve everyone around because they made wrong decisions.

    This is all so triggering to me. I'm feeling really bad. I just need to graduate and move to another state or even another country. Physical distance can't really solve everything but I'm really conviced that it helps a lot.
  19. Anyone have experience using light therapy lamps? I bought one at the suggestion of my therapist and I'm trying to figure out how best to incorporate it into my day. I don't love the idea of having it on my desk at work (but am flexible) and I often don't get up with enough time in the morning to sit with it before work. Also not sure how long I need to sit with it for it to do anything? I've tried it a few times for 20 minutes at a time and didn't get the impression it did much.
  20. It's a bad night. I was feeling pretty meh all day but then something shifted and now I feel really really low with absolutely no reason to. I'm just lying here feeling like shit, not wanting to bother anybody. My brain keeps going to dark places that it hasn't been in awhile and I just feel shitty.

    It's only 9:30pm and I haven't eaten dinner (I had a small snack) but I'm legit considering just going to sleep because I can't deal with this feeling.
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