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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by itzkk96, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. I'm kinda struggling right now, my life is moving at 100mph and it's only gonna get worse when I go back to college next week on top of working and juggling my social responsibilities. I've been locking myself away in my bedroom at every opportunity this past week. I've also started drinking quite a bit to the extent people are commenting on it, which is concerning.
  2. It has been 2 years since i came to a different city where i know absolutely no one and as an semi-introvert i suffered from that a lot because my friends were far away from me and the work made me feel like it took all my energy and time so i could not socialize outside of the work.My workplace "friends" are close-minded,homophobic and married people who talk about their private lives all the time and go out as couples everywhere.I tried to connect with them at the start,inviting them to a coffee or a concert or whatever but they mostly shut me down,saying that they did not have the time and i would not understand it because i'm single.

    So nothing happened as a friendship.I had several dates & attempts and they all didnt work for different reasons. While i still contact with my old friends from time to time,the loneliness i feel can be quite exhausting that i can not deal with crowded places or friend groups because i mostly go out on my own. Thanks to the baristas at the local Starbucks, i did not forget how to talk to strangers completely but this is all getting a bit pathetic. And the worst thing is everytime i think about this issue, it seems to be getting bleaker and bleaker.
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  3. I feel like this has just been one of the worst years for me emotionally. Somewhat, anyway. I was pretty bad off during high school as well.

    In January, my cat died, Trump being elected gave me anxiety so much that I couldn't sleep, in June, I went to a conference and 'friends' also going didn't even think of talking to me there, in July, I lost those same friends, by being kind of stupid and I don't know. Now, in September, the one somewhat friend that I've had, that I felt I could talk to about more serious things and actually understood and felt my struggle between our Conservative church and not completely Conservative views is leaving. Her husband was the youth pastor and now he's resigned due to political views (and other things, I'm sure). So, I'm not sure of their plans. They're staying until the end of the month and I imagine that they may be moving out of this very conservative town and state.

    I've just been alone since the beginning of the year and really for the past two years. I don't know what I'm going to do anymore. I don't really make friends, I'm not the friend-type. I don't do it well, hence losing friends from this year. I'm almost scared because it seems like anyone I could consider a friend I'm just losing one way or another. I feel too sad and I don't know how I'm going to get out of it.
  4. This is such a vicious cycle to get out of. I keep thinking I'm out of it and then it turns out I'm not. Like today I'm back "on", finally tried the whole romance thing and that's cute but leaving me feeling emotionally fragile all the damn time, back on healthy eating/cooking own meals/working out, planning on getting up early today, but I know it seems to just take one "fuck this" to get back to depression for a few weeks.

    I had to stop drinking so much personally, and I used to make booze the center of my world. Genuinely loved it. But a combination of some truly horrible hangovers (like, "why am I alive I genuinely want to die I feel like a rotten zombie emotionally, spiritually, and physically"), sertraline, and pot after a few weeks actually made it stop seeming appealing to me (so try that? nn).

    I think it's really about finding a balance that works for you. Show yourself kindness and act accordingly.
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  5. I'm thinking of you, hen. I've had a couple of periods of my life where my alcohol intake has been noticeably higher. In my case, I used it as an emotional crutch so I didn't face up to what was going on. I don't know if that's the same for you- but I do get the impression that you think the people who have noticed have a point. If you ever need to talk about it, drop me a DM. All the love for you.
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  6. Did this problem resolve?
  7. Hmm somewhat. I just basically had to very consciously train myself into eating more again. I can still still totally forget to eat and not feel hungry ifIm not careful though.
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  8. It's awful being lonely. It was a bold move to move cities. That counts for something. I'm sorry your workplace friends are making it hard to be connected. Some people are just like that, I guess. Bubbles are hard to break into. Loneliness is so exhausting. I've been going through that state for the past couple weeks and it makes it hard to want to do anything. I'm wishing you the best and a breakthrough, hopefully.
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  9. My therapist informed me last week that he enjoys life 75% of the time and suspects that's the ratio for most people.

  10. That seems like a very strange thing to try and quantify. I hope you aren't putting too much stock into what he said, it seems very bizarre. Like I feel most people would struggle to give a percentage, and would probably say it's 50/50.
  11. Me trying to keep up with life.
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  12. I'm currently in my third year of University, of a four year course. I'm doing a year abroad this year, so I'm studying in Denmark for the year (I'm from England). It's been... okay, so far. I've had some fun times, and met some really nice people, but I set myself way WAY too high expectations of how it was going to be the most amazing time of my life, after having a pretty shit summer where I struggled with my physical, and thus mental, health.
    I keep getting this 'nostalgic' feeling for the first year of University, where I wish I could feel as happy as I did then, where everything felt so fresh, and new, and exciting. It's the the point where I'm skipping classes and just staying in my room and looking at old pictures on Facebook. It's strange because I wouldn't even say I feel 'sad' just... yeah, nostalgic is probably the best way I can describe it? Saying that, I do also get the feeling that I'm never going to be as happy as I was then. I just wish I could be transported back to that time of my life.
    I'm not sure if this was the right place to post this, as I'm probably not depressed, but it does relate to my mental health and just needed a place to vent/ type my feelings. I know it's not a healthy way to be, and I'm going to start making an effort to attend class and just generally be more... 'present', and not keep longing for the past.
  13. Hi
    So I've just go into psychiatrist today and she prescribes me Risperidone and Clobazam (I've been diagnosed with Social Anxiety) . Did anyone have experience with this medication ? Does it work ?
  14. Why were you prescribed an antipsychotic? Is that shit the go-to medication for everything these days?
  15. Which one is the antipsychotic ? I don't really know, this is my first experience
    (Also I just drink it, so I don't really feel any effect for now)
  16. Risperidone is the antipsychotic. Was it just for social anxiety or anything else like insomnia as well? What dose if I may ask?
  17. Sorry for the late reply, the dose is 2 mg. I tell her that I do have some sleep problems but idk if it's related to my anxiety or my job ( I have a changing shift work)
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  18. Today is a bad day.

    I don’t have much to say except it’s bad and I’m getting exhausted of bad days.
  19. I feel for you, I used to have the occasional bad day, now its the very occasional good day.
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  20. I didn’t know where to write this but I decided to choose here rather than Random Thoughts.

    I found a lump on my back and it’s really freaking me out. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment over a week away (thank you NHS) and I just know I’m gonna be a wreck until I have this checked out.
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