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Derry Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ladygagaogaga, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. I wouldn’t have a problem with James and Erin if there had been any scenes hinting at it in the first few episodes, but James’s feelings came out of the blue.

    Its as if the writers knew they wanted to pair them together, but only decided on it when writing the latest episode.
  2. Absolutely loved the latest episode. Aunt Sarah talking about the Russian Revolution to Jeanette Joyce had me crying, and I’m not sure that was even the funniest part.
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  3. “I’ve narrowed it down to two.”

    Aunt Sarah truly is the MVP of this show.
  4. While this week's episode was still funny, it felt like a filler episode by disguising that not everyone was available for filming. Having the girls play their parents would have made more sense, but probably wasn't logistical due to restrictions, which is why we got what we did.

    It's a good job there's a bonus special, as that would have been a really underwhelming penultimate episode.
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  5. I thought this episode wasn’t great either, especially as the penultimate of the series (Special aside)

    The casting for the younger versions of their parents was pretty brilliant though.
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  6. ADM


    I'm so sad that I haven't really loved any of the episodes this season. Comparing last nights story with, lets say, the chippy episode or the one where they accidentally picked up the "IRA man", there's really no comparison! I'll watch S1 and S2 for a long time still but I don't think I'll go back to any of these new episodes. I'll hold on to hope that next week's episodes are a 'saved the best for last' scenario.

    Aunt Sarah is the best though.
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  7. Aunt Sarah deserves her own spin-off series.
  8. It’s been a mixed bag of a series. I thought that Episodes 2 & 3 were up there with some of the best ever but the others have fallen a little flatter.

    But even a sub par episode of Derry Girls is better than most other things on TV and there is still some great moments to take away.

    Hopefully next week’s double episode ending will end it all on a high.
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  9. This week’s episode was great. Everyone was on top form and the casting they did for the younger versions of the adults was crazy good.
  10. All the adults do, honestly send the girls to university and keep the specials going with older generation. The pinball between their conversations is comedy gold!
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  11. This last episode might be one of my favorites of the entire series. Maybe I'm just a sucker for mom stories? I loved how young Mary's speech to her friends echoed not only some of Erin's moments, but also Michelle's speech from season one. The entire scene that lead up to that speech had a magic to it that I don't feel most of the group scenes this season have so far lived up to.
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  12. Completely agree- I think this season will be one of those that get better on rewatch. Brilliant casting and some very funny lines this week.
  13. This weeks episode was my favourite of the new season!
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  14. I just thought it was superb this week and I laughed throughout which is about as much as you could possibly want. I thought the casting was great and the balance between the current cast and flashbacks was managed so well.
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  15. That episode was baaaaaaaddd.
  16. ADM


    9:05: The Aunt Sarah Show. There, I said it.
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    9:31: Bawling (but clearly not the real ending)
  18. That ending had me in absolute bits.

    I am a mess.
  19. OH MY GOD.
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