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Derry Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ladygagaogaga, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. The ending felt weird to me. Why kill off Claire’s dad who’s had virtually no screen time, and not the Grandad? The rest of the episode was brilliant though.
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  2. Why kill off the grandad?

    Also do people relaise the actual final episode is tomorrow?
  3. I think the poignant of Claire in that episode, from the thumbs up to her proud looking Dad, to getting her first kiss.. I felt it was quite a moment. I went from pure joy to sad. It was powerful, in my opinion.
  4. That was a ridiculous ending. To kill off a character we’ve met for maybe 2 minutes total over the three series, and expect it to be hugely emotional. It felt very random.

    The rest of the episode was golden.
  5. The only thing I found strange is why Claire’s mum didn’t tell her instead of Erin’s dad?
  6. I presumed Claire’s mum would’ve been at the hospital? And the girls wouldn’t have had mobiles etc yet. So it was the only way to get them.
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  7. Looks like I’ll be getting my wish, seems the pandemic caused them to jump forward a bit and now the special will do so again also…..

    We were spot on with this
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  8. Stick a fork in this season. It’s done.
  9. I’m…confused. The episode was mostly on form until the ending. Perhaps the (2nd) finale will make more sense of it all.

    Also I know it’s not really important but I can’t help but find the musical references distracting when they get the years mixed up.
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  10. Of course, I forgot about the time period for a minute there.

    I’ve still absolutely loved this series however agree that it’s best to end it now as it’s already getting stretched out a bit. If they went ahead with a series 4 I think that’s when we’d see the real quality dip.
  11. Can’t stop thinking about those final scenes.

    Life has a real habit of just walloping you in the face sometimes out of nowhere and I think Lisa really captured the emotion and pain of that so well.

    Can’t believe it’s the last goodbye tonight.
  12. That episode genuinely felt unnecessarily cruel. Tacking on a death at the end just to remind us that Derry Girls can also make you sad.
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  13. First two series were gold. The 3rd one has been better than no Derry Girls at all, but it hasn't been good either.
  14. Derry Girls falling into the “make lesbian characters depressed by killing off their loved ones” trope… I hate it here!!
  15. BTG


    I did get a kick out of Emmett Scanlan guest starring last night and sharing scenes with James when they were in Hollyoaks together a decade ago and James was playing a 17 year old even then.
  16. This has been the best season for me. Derry Girls has always stretched credibility- dog piss being able to seep through a ceiling that quickly, not realising for ages that they were trashing a chip shop rather than cleaning it, driving around ALL NIGHT to see the president of the USA etc- and there’s been plenty of laugh out loud moments this season and also some decent character development, with more of a focus on the adults, which has been great. I felt last night’s ending was perfect- it wasn’t so much the character who died, it was the supportive response from the rest of the group that was essential. The fact they didn’t turn on Claire and James for messing up the Fat Boy Slim experience because they were defending James and were rooting for Claire showed how solid they are as a group.
    I also laughed out loud so many times, particularly Michelle on TV and Claire’s nervous “I’m a lesbian!” Only gripe would be the lack of Sister Michael.
  17. Yeah my only note for the finale tonight is I want more Sister Michael, which I think we'll get given its an extended episode.
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    My only main criticism of this season is that it felt like they were struggling to juggle cast availability between Bridgerton filming and Siobhán McSweeney’s pottery and Holding commitments.

    Jenny Joyce’s Shakespear’s Sister moment is a series highlight though.
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  19. Just did a rewatch and noticed Jenny touching Claire’s arm as she passes her in the funeral procession. Very touching.
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    Ddddd as someone who spent far too much of their life in Derry especially in Pump Street the amount of actual location shooting in that opening got to me.
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