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Derry Girls

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ladygagaogaga, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Claire on the phone is comedy gold.
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  2. I cried after the very last shot of them. And then laughed like hell a few seconds later!!
  3. The ending was absolutely perfect and that little cameo at the end. Sublime.

    Really has been the most special show and I will miss them.
  4. I’ve been really underwhelmed this season but the last episode was great, a perfect way to end the show.
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  5. Loved the last episode, brilliant way to end the series and that cameo was unexpected, it will make many people will realise what happened during The Troubles and what the GFA is after this episode and how it's tried to lead us to peace here in Northern Ireland, I got emotional ngl.
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  6. Last episode was great, but whew, Dreams by The Cranberries gets me feeling some kinda way every damn time.
  7. Just noticed that when Orla was freaking out, James was comforting her, I love those two so much.
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  8. I think they’ve done pretty well in covering Claire’s absences this series (her missing the train was hilarious) although killing her dad off to explain it in the finale was a bit extreme.

    Overall it was a great way to end a great series at the right time.
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  9. Weakest season but amazing finale

    LOVED Erin’s outfit to the parties.

    The phone call scene was golden

    The storyline about Michelle’s brother really hit home. It was such a horrid time and people did atrocious things to fight for their cause. I’ve never even considered that we let all the prisoners walk free as part of the agreement. Must have made the decision ten times harder

    I was really worried Nicola wouldn’t be seen alongside the others at all so was delighted when she turned up.

    The ending got me right in the feels. I remember so clearly how much life changed with that agreement. All the fear we felt, having to get out of our car as we crossed the border, seeing all the stories on the news etc, it all stopped. And now Ireland is possibly on the brink of reunification it’s crazy how far we’ve come!!

    I’ve never been prouder to be from this beautiful piece of land and everyday when I look out and see all the nature etc, I’m so grateful to be here.
    I thought that finale summed up everything I feel really well. Lisa did a fantastic job

    Éirinn go Brách
  10. I'm so sad it's over now. Great ending.

    Did Sister Michael's story feel a bit ambiguous to anyone else?
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  11. They really killed off Claire's dad, someone who has had 3 minutes of screentime across 3 series, just so they had some reason for Claire to be away during the finale. There were flashes of the early days quality in the finale, but overall it was a bit flat for me. Erin struggle climbing over the wall at Jenny Joyce's house only for the gates to then open was the best part of the episode.
  12. I enjoyed the final episode but yes, this sat pretty uncomfortably with me as well.

    I liked the cameo at the end; when the 'present day' caption came up I had a horrible feeling they were going to do one of those awful Ab Fab/Will & Grace endings (which would then be rendered meaningless when the inevitable revival happens)
  13. Same. Because of the actual age of the cast I was wondering if they were gonna age them up in a horrible way or just get other actors altogether but was a shock to see who it actually was
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  14. Despite an uneven final series, I thought the finale was one of the best pieces of television I’ve ever seen.
  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    They stuck the landing, well done to all involved. As with several other points this series I was taken a bit out of the fantasy by the obviously separate filming Nicola Coughlan did from the rest of the cast but I don't think it's been badly stitched together by any means, they did very well under the circumstances. Sad we didn't get a Nadine Coyle cameo in the end! I didn't see the finale cameo coming so that was a brilliant scene, finished my viewing with a massive smile.

    What a timely reminder of the importance of the Good Friday Agreement while we watch these horrible crooks gamble with it in the name of Brexit.
  16. BTG


    At one stage last night, I’d have bet my life on Nadine Coyle being the lead singer of The Commitment.
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  17. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I also thought it was nice that Louisa Harland got to have so much screen time because I think she's often been underused as just the wacky comedy relief in the background. They really smashed it with that finale.
  18. ADM


    That's Jamie-Lee (who plays Michelle), they're talking about Orla.

    I seen a tweet I can't find that said Lisa McGee wrote to Chelsea Clinton when they came inviting her to the cinema, as her parents would be busy doing all the boring stuff. Such an incredible, full circle moment for her.

    I loved the last episode. I wasn't sold on the whole series but the last episode had it all. I bawled at the end just thinking 'I'm going to miss these characters'. Granda Joe jumping up and down with the little girl was just something else.
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  19. I’ve just watched the final two back to back and I have such a lump in my throat about it.
  20. I cried a few times at this last episode as it hit so close to home. There were so many cute full circle moments like Erin putting on her denim jacket as they left the polling station.

    This was the bit that set me off initially. Quite possibly the best and most important scene you’ll see on TV this year. The hope for peace and a better future for the future generations. So poignant and powerful!

    Also the shot of Granda Joe and the baby leaving the polling station together as the result of the GFA was announced and Donna Traynor spoke of the future. It was just so beautiful and powerful. It also made me cry.

    Lisa McGee is such a talented writer. The way she can just transport you back to a time and a feeling so well.
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