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Desktop site changes / speed issues?

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Yeah it's acting up again. Fix it Jesus!
  2. Trying to navigate PJ:

  3. BTG


    Who ended up convincing Peter to fix this last time? Can you do it again thanks x
  4. Jesus, it has taken 45 minutes for the main forum page and subsequent other pages to load this morning, what is up with this?
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  5. Slowest it has been so far for me, this go around of issues!
  6. How’d y’all have the patience to use this site at times when it takes 10+ seconds to load a page?
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  7. Try running a rate/hosting a song contest with it. it's torture to go through 40+ inbox threads.
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  9. BTG


    Like @1991 said last time, the best thing to do is @ Peter on Twitter and make him aware.

    He clearly doesn’t visit the forum regularly enough to even notice anything is wrong. So screaming into the void here won’t get it fixed dddd.
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  10. Yeah, it’s definitely lagging again. Not as bad as last time for me but I can see it getting there. Just @ Peter and hope for the best.

    I also have this issue where I get logged out automatically every two minutes nn but that might just be an error on my end.
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  11. I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm constantly getting email notifications of threads I've been in, even though I clearly unchecked the email stuff in my settings. It's getting wild.
  12. It only took a few months for this to happen, eeks!
  13. kal


    Is the database getting too big again? Maybe a purge would fix it then.
  14. *knocks on wood* the forum is going quick during a peak time (aka all of North America and Europe are on)
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  15. **takes credit cuz I emailed Peter.**
    Hope it lasts!
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  16. Is it running slow for anyone else?
  17. MB


    Yeah! Very! On mobile and desktop.
  18. PJ can't even stop working on the right time schedule dddd.
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  19. The UK Baddies have found us.
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  20. Yes! I was just about to do a speed test for my internet. I should have known better dd.
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