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Desktop site changes / speed issues?

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. I feel like it's 1995 all over again; waiting for minutes for a page to load. I love PJ - please don't let it die off yet!
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  2. The forum is in comeback corner mode. Maybe forever...
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  3. You can almost hear a faint dial up connection sound each time a page loads.
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  4. [​IMG]

    @Popjustice sis what is going on with your host/server.
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  5. kal


    Now there are almost 400 bots online, and it’s marginally faster than last night. So it ain’t the bots.

    It’s either the server or the database.
  6. Phew, I thought this was just me, I'm on 1gbps so was pretty confused! Hopefully this gets sorted ASAP.
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  7. I was going around the forum like speedy gonzalez last night thinking the issues was solved, but it's back to slow as ever this morning, so it can't be "US peak time only' as that would've been last night.
  8. As I said before, it starts when the US starts to wake up... So it's not from US peak time, but probably even worse at that time.
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  9. But my point is, it's seems to be better when when the UK/EU residents go to sleep and also be better when US/NA residents are asleep, and is at its worst when we're all awake. So it's not one side of the Atlantic causing it, it's just when there is a maximum numbers of users browsing the forum at one time, period.
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  10. Painfully slow tonight, hope very much please it gets sorted out soon.
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  11. At this rate we are going to get R9 before I get the next page to load.
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  12. Can't believe this shit still hasn't been fixed. Get on with it please.
  13. BTG


    The complete radio silence of it all since supposedly looking into it last week.
  14. Glad it's not just me. Everything was fine (for me) until today.
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  15. The forum has been borderline unusable for nearly two weeks now. This is a joke.
  16. Ya'll I understand that this is frustrating but I don't think being rude is going to help!
  17. The way these forum issues are putting the Special Relationship at risk. Peter please come and save Western imperialism!
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  18. I know one or two have already but I'd encourage those that have Twitter just to @ him because it's doesn't look like he checks PM's or any other point of contact to do with the forum.

    It might also be time for Peter to hire an administrator to take over from him but one step at a time dd.
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  19. Not me thinking yesterday was the worst I have experienced and things could only get better - to logging in this morning and finding it even slower than yesterday ddd What fresh hell awaits us tomorrow? Ddd
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  20. He’ll fix it when he believes in it!!
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