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Desktop site changes / speed issues?

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by slaybellz, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Do you remember what happened last time when things needed change...

    I heard the servers at Chromatica are faster than this.
  2. There could a hundred people in a room ...

    but there can’t be a hundred people on PJ at once dddd.
  3. I know Peter keeps a distance with the forum nowadays, but I would hope that there's at least 100 homosexuals trying to post on here even with the speed being worse than dial-up is a sign that there is indeed interest to keep the forum going and salvage it with some repairs.
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  4. Hopefully this can be fixed. If the forum goes byebye I literally don't know where i'd go to complain about Gaga's capitalism era.
  5. ... The site is moving really fast right now y’all.
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  6. Yeah but I don't want to jinkx it because it always gets faster around this time and then plummets in like 12 hours from now.
  7. Would be very cool if there was another person interested in keeping the forum functioning and doing things necessary and all. That ad revenue isn't nothing right.
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  8. It's still really slow here sadly.
  9. Yup, running a rate just isn't fun anymore when each reveal post takes three times the amount of time it used to.
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  10. I’d post a gif to express my feelings but I’m afraid it would crash the site permanently.
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  11. Well, he only said he'd have a look at it, not that he was actually going to do anything about it

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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This site is practically unusable in the evenings, sometimes it won't even let me type? Peter knows something is up so hopefully he's working on something and we'll know soon xx
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  13. Yes, fingers crossed!
  14. I found a way to make it kinda useable again for ME.
    You can PayPal me tho x

    @Popjustice you gave ha a look this week, how about some capacity for the server this week.
  15. Stream the legendary Agnes smash Fingers Crossed whilst you wait for this to be fixed!

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  16. MB


    It seems to be going slow this morning when it's usually speedier so it seems to be getting worse.
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  17. I thought it was just me, but I'm using a brand new laptop that I've had less than a week so I was all ready to sending it back, but then every device I was using was slow.

    It's not horrendous for me, but more of a minor irritant!
  18. Nn not me having a 2 hour phone call with Virgin Media call me Mel C x yesterday not realising this is practically the only site I visit on a browser, only to discover this thread.
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