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Desperate Housewives (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Toxicated, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. It's a shame he never had an intimate scene! He and Lynette had some good ones. I remember being so shook by the episode where Lynette's cancer is discovered. Their heated/angry bedroom scene was really well acted, but I was conflicted by finding his anger sexy.
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  2. He's not nice though. He's actually seriously unpleasant, just in a way that it's disguised behind a nice guy facade. He never supports Lynette or gives a fuck about her struggle. Worst husband ever!
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  3. Were any of them good husbands, though? I can agree for Mike and maybe Carlos during his blind era.
  4. Doug Savant was gorgeous. I loved that homoerotic film he did with Rob Lowe.
  5. Tom was a major DILF. Plus he seemed like a "nice, family man" so it was easier to like him.

    To be fair, there weren't many men on Wisteria Lane that I didn't find attractive.
  6. Tom could be a real prick at times though with some idiotic ideas. Glad things worked out though...
  7. Doug Savant maintained a big ol booty throughout and that was a major selling point for me!
  8. Yeah Doug Savant was my ideal Wisteria Lane husband.
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  9. Carlos aged the best.
  10. Carlos was my Number 2.
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  11. Iconic
  12. Still use regularly.
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  13. Mike, Carlos and Tom were all hot in their own ways.
  14. Another vote for Tom!

    I love this show. The scene where Susan has ‘whore’ spray painted on her house by the wife of her long lost father (I think, the father was never seen again) and Edie drives by is a classic.
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  15. Oh God yes, Doug Savant. YUM. His character on Melrose Place was groundbreaking for me, personally.
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  16. I'm screaming at this page. Yas.
  17. Currently enjoying a rewatch of season 1. God I miss this show when it was in its prime.
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  18. I love when shows do flashbacks to before the first episode, and characters have wildly different hair than they normally do. Look at Lynette work that weave and bangs.

    and Susan's perm.

    Nobody has funny hair here, I'm just posting it cos uff Carlos
  19. I hope they don't reboot it ever. It ran its course. Season 1 was peak television - there was no better show on tv that year. Seasons 2-4 remained pretty solid, and then I think around 5 it started to lose its footing. I think I stuck with it through 6 and then completely jumped ship for 7 and 8, though I did watch the series finale.

    Susan was just unbearable. Some of that was Teri and some of it was the writing, but she was God awful. All the others were my favorite at one point or another. Marcia and Felicity really owned season 1. Eva's character got funnier as the show went on.
  20. I loved Eva in the season 8 episode where she was a tobacco loving lesbian.
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