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Desperate Housewives (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Toxicated, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I didn't know they were considering writing Teri out, Susan has always seemed like the leak character like it or not.
  2. Calista as Susan would have been great. She had already played the least likable character in ensemble before and probably would have been more of a big deal than Teri since Ally McBeal was quite a bit bigger than Lois and Clark.

    Either way Susan was an unenjoyable mess.
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  3. What's considered to be the best mystery besides season 1? Is there a fan consensus?
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I believe the Katherine one was quite popular.
    The Dave one was too obvious, The season 2 one messy. I remember people hating the serial killer one because of who it was, but I actually really enjoyed that one (especially cause I figured it out like 2 episodes in). The Orson one was okay too.
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  5. Yea, I recall the reveal of the strangler being anti-climactic but I also really loved Lynnette's final scenes with him. I don't quite remember how it all unfolded, though. Season 2 was definitely the biggest mess. The Dave story made for a fine season-spanning storyline but as a mystery is lacked... any actual mystery.

    I felt like the final season story had a lot of potential and the idea behind it was solid (getting all of the women involved in the central story again) but logically it had way too many jumps - like, why not just go to the damn police? Also, fucking Susan painting a picture of the murder.
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  6. Yes, the mystery of why all the other women hate Teri.
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  7. I believe Katherine's would be the most widely enjoyable. I personally liked Angie's but I think fans are divided.

    The Orson one was insane, and not in a good way. Alejandro's saga was fine but like someone just said, Susan was unbearable throughout it. And then gets shook when Gabby and Bree keep her out of the loop. The audacity!!
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    Angie's wasn't up to much mystery wise I remember but 'it's in the detonator' was everything.
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  9. I was shook at the Season 4 finale, to be honest. Marcia and Dana were brilliant.
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  10. I look back on this series fondly, but the only episode I really remember as being amazing television was the grocery store episode with Laurie Metcalf.
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  11. The Angie storyline was worth it for this alone:
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    Yup, every bit as awesome as I remembered it.
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  13. Gabby always ending up with underage boys in their underwear. Legend.
  14. Dddddd these horrific - but spot on - Italian stereotypes. Why is she all of my aunts in this scene...
  15. The season 4 storyline was my favourite for sure. The Applewhite story isn’t as bad on a rewatch. It was Seasons 7 and 8 where the mysteries were a mess.

    They completed wasted Vanessa Williams too.
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  16. I think the show was already done by the time Angie got there, it was going through the motions after season 4 really.

    Have you ever seen the original Mary-Alice? They really made the right decision to recast.

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  17. Thats because Laurie elevates everything she's in.
  18. She was invited to Eva Longoria's weeding with Tony Parker in France, so at some point I believe they were close friends. Also their scenes together during S2 were great!
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  19. So strange watching this! It’s an EXACT copy of the montage in the aired pilot. Brenda Strong really did add a lot to that show.

    Season 2 has some really great moments, though I completely agree that Alfre Woodard is wasted. Bree’s ‘Boys will be boys’ to her homophobic step mother is BRILLIANT, as is the stuff with Susan and Nicolette, and the silent stand off between Bree and Betty. The stuff with Caleb towards the end is also extremely touching.
    Andrew is an absolute shit!
  20. This surprises me- I liked Ally McBeal but thought it wasn’t really a hit in America.

    The ending of Season 3 is so cheeky- Marcia having to take time out because of her pregnancy, with LOTS of careful shots to hide it beforehand, then Bree turns up ‘pregnant’, looking very happy with herself!
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