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Desperate Scousewives

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by that boy is a monster, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. On next monday on E4, its going to be utter trash and I will probably love it.
    I think it features a few of Abbey Clancy/Crouch's family members.
  2. This is going to be amazing. I really can't wait. I hope it fills the TOWIE shaped void.
  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    It's like Alan Partridge actually has got a job as a commissioning editor.
  4. 'I've only ever dated one footballer'

  5. This was both tragic and amazing.
  6. That was really rather awful.
  7. It was awful. But then again MIC was horrendous at first too.
  8. The gays in this remind me of why in the last 13 years of living in Liverpool I've only had a relationship with one guy from here. And that was 10 years ago. Fucking rank.
  9. I don't think there is one single part of DS that isn't scripted. I was never able to get into MIC for that same reason.

    I think my love for TOWIE is standing in the way of enjoying any these reality shows.
  10. Is it so awful it's good, or just so awful that you should avoid at all costs?

    I don't mind Chelsea, but I've never seen anything as faked as it, so it seems pointless watching most of the time.
  11. I didn't watch this but I feel like with TOWIE and Made In Chelsea, I don't need to add this to my trash TV list.
  12. I couldn't bring myself to watch this. From all of your comments it seems I made the right decision.

    Just tell me this is happening instead of Mersey Shore, and not as well as.
  13. I loved it. Hot mess TV at its finest. All so fake and trite and messy, but I missed the Made In Chelsea and TOWIE boats, so I'll make up for that with this.

    I love Jodie. The scouse brow!
  14. I'm from Liverpool so was a little bit mortified by this. A few facts though, Layla, a friend of a friend, is Irish and is faking that accent. She also hates Joe and has never been in any sort of sexual relationship with him. And that Salon is actually right by my dad's house, in a rough area of Liverpool.... not the kind of area to embrace anal bleaching.

    That said, I did like Jodie, her scouse brow was amazing.
  15. OH MY GOD! Why does this show have to exist.!?!!

    The characters. The scripting. The 'plots'. Horrific mess!
  16. That fashion they went to in episode two actually took place TWO days before the award show they attended in episode one. Meaning they shot their reaction to the award show before they even attended it. Amazing.
  17. This is so awful but I can't stop watching.

    Layla is so... basic.

    I love how they try to make on that last nights episode was filmed on Boxing day, and then proceed to show the next nights party. Does E4 have a TARDIS?
  18. Soooooooooo scripted, shameless, tacky, basic. I love it.
  19. Shamefully I am really getting into this. I love the rubbish gays' crumbling relationship, the tragic Perez Hilton wannabe, Layla and Jodie, and the evil looks that everyone gives Amanda whenever she walks into a room. The straight men in it aren't much cop (to look at or personality-wise) but I love how stilted and wooden George is delivering his lines.

    It will do until The Only Way Is Essex is back!
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