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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by iwouldfixyou, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Dream Soldier is a really great album.

    I really wish she would have promoted A Love Story too, and released it on vinyl. It was gorgeous and could have been a hit album for her with some promo.
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  2. Was A Love Story released on CD in the end? Good to see she still sounded the same, great album.

    I have a fondness for Dream Soldier as my ex was a huge Des'ree fan, I only casually knew her biggest singles. I gifted him that album on the first year of our relationship and we binged on all her albums then, and fell in love with her voice.

    Guess the label did not give it a chance once single & album failed at the chart. Did she do big promotion for it? I can't recall.

    Also, she thankfully always put out loads of b-side only songs in her singles, most of which were as good as her album tracks.
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  3. No there was no CD which is probably why most of the general public doesn't even know it exists.
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  4. I know she mentioned social anxiety in an interview, has she ever expressed a dislike for performing? You'd think there'd be enough demand for some small headline shows & festival slots.
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  5. I just wonder what the thought-process was behind putting a new album out for streaming/download only. Even if she still did zero promo, surely having a CD and vinyl out there would have made sense in terms of making some kind of greater profit from the whole thing?
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  6. Were there any fans of Lena Fiagbe? I always thought the two artists were very similar.
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  7. Albums cost money. Could she actually afford to drop something and not do any promotion? Too weird. I mean, it's a great album and I'm happy to have it but the way it was released leaves a lot of unanswered questions. She made a tweet or two and then disappeared. Magically some web site created for the album appeared with a digital booklet and message but you have to watch a video before you're able to get into the web site. It's just strange. Wikipedia removed a page on the album deeming it not notable. That says it all. It's such a shame because it's truly a great piece of work and "Fake It" is one of the best songs she's ever recorded.
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  8. Des'ree would do well under a label like BMG. Even if she was hesitant about live performing I'm sure she could still do some pre-recording interviews or get into social media more and post some live performances from her home etc. I can only assume she lost money with that record which surely would discourage her doing more.
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  9. Well the pandemic would squash the idea of performing live anyway. She really suffers from severe social anxiety? When was the last time she doing something publicly? I don’t mean musically, I mean anything, TV interviews and such? There’s really no reason she couldn’t do some promotion online unless something is going on in her personal life preventing her from doing so. You never know.
  10. Amazing. She’s always been good at speaking to fans.
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  11. Surely a limited CD release wouldn't be too much hard work to organise?
    I know Vinyl is a headache for indie artists with the wait times now though.
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  12. Vinyl? Girl, let’s start with a simple CD first.
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  13. Oh I would definitely prefer a CD.
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  14. I'd love a vinyl. But CD/Vinyl for a small/limited number would probably be easier to produce, right? It's not like they need to press 500,000 copies of anything. She could pop up limited edition signed CDs and vinyls for the fans through her site (if she has one?)
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  15. It’s such a wonderful album, I’d jump at the chance to get a physical copy. They could do a print-on-demand thing.
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  16. With the world's three vinyl pressing plants tied up with ABBA and Adele we'll see it in 2023 at the earliest...
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  17. Well, it's a shame as it's a lovely album. Hopefully the positive response gives her encouragement to do more.
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