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Dessa - Good For You

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Jwentz, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Minneapolis Rapper/Singer Dessa is back with a new song that's not as good as her old work but it will do.

    Those of you with taste would do well to check out some of her older work.
    @Andy French @Petty Mayonnaise @xOJakeXo @LE0Night

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  2. I know @fancygreen is a Stan! @Kuhleezi I think you may enjoy some of her stuff too.

    Kii at Amy Klobuchar using this feminist anthem as her walk in music for speeches.

    And also @VicePresidentJocasta check out her Springsteen cover

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  5. Most of my posts are!
  6. Vote in my rate.
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  7. I generally try and refrain from commenting on threads of people I know personally, but only because I've been summoned, she really is a fantastic musician/writer/educator/ice cream flavor connoisseur/overall great person and deserves the world. "Kites" from the old False Hopes is still a moody trip-hoppish favorite of mine. And her book is great. And I adore her. The end.
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  8. I've been listening to nothing but Bruce the past few days in anticipation of the new album, and this is such a refreshing take on that track. Really pretty.
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  9. Used to love Dessa! Haven't checked in on her in a while.
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  11. Good For You has grown on me a bit after a few listens, but I still wouldn’t call it her best.
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