Destiny’s Child



Oh my god! I laughed when the Pussycat Doll dropped, but I feel bad for her. Kelly looks absolutely gobsmacked, and Beyonce looks like she's thinknig, "why did I let this bitch join Beyonce's group?" Oh, the shame.
That is really a classic! A C L A S S I C
The look the other two give her is just priceless - Yonka goes really 'For God's sake, WHY we have this bitch in my band?' I think it should be Yonka that deserved to fall down, somehow I feel sad it had to be Michelle, she has always been the underdog and that just had to happen to her?

But it was a priceless moment! Laughed so hard
Anyone welcome this? I do, I loved DC and think they´ve left a big hole in the market since they left. TT and Spices aside, why is it always the acts we don´t give a toss about launching reunions. DC and No Doubt officially confirm please!
I thought No Doubt have confirmed they are getting back together? Im sure i read that they have loads of songs they just need to find the time to record em together. What with Gwen being pregnant - who knows if this will be put back or go ahead buy im suresomething was due late this year,

As for Destinys Child, i do see them getting back together but not anytime soon - Destiny Fulfilled wasnt that long ago and they are all busy doing there own thing - Michelle's solo album is nearly done- Beyonce will still be plowing ahead trying to prove she is the only female RnB artist the world should care about and Kelly is having minor success over here.


I think I am alone in thinking Destiny Fulfilled is - while short on mage hit singles - their best album, as it works as a whole so well. Through With Love is amazing. I love the old 70's soul tracks they sample on most tracks, too.

Their finest video hour is of course Bootylicious: the hair, the colours, the dancing, the funny faces, the fat girl, the Nicks of Stevie, the girlie boy, the teeth, the MJ moves... heaven!
I think loose my breath was the best, all out drag queenie fierceness. fact all the vids are pretty amazing, say my name, bills..aah

I can´t count Fulfilled as an album though, same as i can´t for overloaded or sounds of the underground hits. Writings on the wall was epic


Errrm... It's LOSE my breath. LOSE MY BREATH.

And Destiny Fulfilled was a proper album are you drunk? So early?
Lose My Breath is EVERYTHING TO ME! Even know if i hear it iwill petend i am at the superbowl dressed in white bussin' a move

Through With Love was fantastic - gutted it never got to be a single i tihnk it would have been huge - was fantasic live tho!
oh im such a knob, i was thinking of the greatest hits. id just finished reading the SEB topic and apparently confused myself, typo too. think i need to go on lunch.

Fullfilled is a good album, but coulda been better i thought.


I thought Destiny Fulfilled was absolutely terrible. Bar Lose My Breath, the singles were dire, and other than Through With Love, so was everything else on the album. I'd welcome a return, but only if their hearts are in it. And without bloody Solange, like is being heavily rumoured.
Through With Love is SUPERB live.
And I really liked Destiny Fulfilled... the other girls had a bigger role in it, even though it was always in the same order, with only Beyonce on the chorus.
Yeh, Bad Habit is really good - one of my faves - i hope if they do another album it will be full of stonkin rnb electro tunage - imagine the freemasons remixes too!!


I loved Destiny's Child. Bills, bills, bills, Say My Name, Lose my Breath, Survivor, Bootylicious...all absolutely classic. But their best album can only be The Writing's on The Wall or Survivor, and Destiny Fulfilled was absolutely shocking. Shocking - which was a shame as Lose my Breath was so fucking brilliant.

I saw them live in the Survivor period, and only Kelly spoke to the audience. Very odd. I would love them to come back, but they need the fire.