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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I bloody love Cater 2 U but unfortunately, I haven't kept my figure right, my hair fixed or rocked the hottest outfits since lockdown began so I haven't really catered to my man... #sorrygirls
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  2. Well, being an independent woman (or just person) doesn’t mean you don’t ever want to take care of your partner. The story of the song doesn’t seem to be a daily thing either, just an evening of appreciation.

    I still hate the song though.
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  3. Cater 2 U is a sensual bop.and no slander tolerated. As for Survivor the album I'm an ultimate cheese head so I listen to album.still like it hasn't gonna out of style it definitely could have been better and like a evolved pop touchof The Writing's On the Wall sound. Fancy and Sexy Daddy are bops.
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  4. Cater 2 U always gets stuck in my head at the strangest moments. Unfortunately I've never had a man so I can't relate to any of the lyrics, but I guess I can cater to myself. I am a true independent hun.
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  5. I don't even remember these titles.
  6. Fancy is a bop! Stream it once, stream it twice etc.

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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    this was the bop
  9. If has recently become one of my favourite of their songs. It's one I go back to when I am in a DC mood. The sharing of the verses and their harmonies are just so tight. They all absolutely killed it on Destiny Fulfilled, but listening back now Michelle shone so brightly on the record.

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  10. Im shocked this wasn't a single
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  11. I love how the pre-chorus just builds upon itself.

    you THINK you’re cute
    You THINK you’re fine
    you’re ALWAYS trying
    get OFF of ME
    DONT MESS with ME
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  12. The Writings On The Wall and Destiny’s Fulfilled are the two Destiny’s Child opuses.
  13. I'm sorry but the lyrics in Brown Eyes are abhorrent. So so bad...

    Remember the first day, the first day we kissed?
    Remember the first day we had an argument?
    We apologized and then we compromised
    And we've haven't argued since

    They draaaaaagged those sentences and it seems they used about 17 'AND's in that verse.
    Yes, I liked it as a 15 year-old but jeez, listening to it again was painful...
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  14. It's the corniest thing ever but Brown Eyes is legitimately my favorite DC Ballad. Sorry Cater stans!
  15. Been revisiting their albums lately. I would say their 2nd and 4th albums are my top 2.

    I would love love love one last DC album, and feel the perfect way to close the chapter would be a DC5 album (No Farrah). An album to close their legacy with all the amazing 5 ladies coming together.
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  16. I don't use any of their studio albums anymore, but #1's is basically flawless
  17. #1s is essential because their singles are mostly flawfree, but it's a shame the new material was so crap. Feel the Same Way I Do is a cute girl, but opening with that boring ballad shouldn't have happened, and Check on It, which isn't my favorite Bey song anyway, has no right being on their greatest hits.

    Also, some of the edits are really weird. Why did they shave ten seconds off of the intros to Survivor and Bug a Boo? It's not like they needed room on the disc, and those edits didn't exist before the compilation. And also No, No, No has the extended intro from the remix album but it fades out right after the bridge, which just makes it feel super short and incomplete. Minor things, I know.
  18. 1. The Writing's on the Wall
    2. Destiny Fulfilled
    3. Destiny's Child
    4. Survivor
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  19. Definitely not since that “No, No, No” edit is an absolute crime against humanity. They should’ve just used the album version or, if they really wanted to save a few seconds, emulate the video version which shaved off 10 seconds instead of whatever the awful hell that #1s edit was.
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  20. If they had swapped out Feel the Same Way I Do and Stand Up For Love with With Me and Get on the Bus it would have been one of the most bulletproof singles collections of all time.
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