Destiny’s Child

At least she's credited but getting essentially a full verse and not being even mentioned outside of the credits is a bit cheeky!

EDIT: She's not credited on the single or the album.


Check On It is still a highlight in Beyonce's career for me. A huge bop. Wasn't there some argument that it was supposed to be a Destiny's Child song? And that there is a brief moment where Kelly is still on it? I always thought that. And Swizz Beats (?) does say "DC - Destiny's Child" at the beginning.

I remember it coming out on radio as a DC song then later seeing the Beyonce solo video.
You mean, like the time they used Jody Watley’s Sweet Sixteen and failed to credit her? I love Beyoncé and DC, but the music business is dark.
Surprised JW didn’t call them out about it. She is quite vocal you know.
She did, but in a measured way. Lawyers were involved - it’s in her interest to be nice. She got her share of royalties, which has to be substantial. Later pressings of the album credits her as one of the songwriters. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
I want to blame all the unfair writing credits to Matthew Knowles and his business practices.

Hopefully Bey is fairer in her approach these days. It seems like she is at least.