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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. GCZ


    Two of their best, most underrated singles if you ask me.
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  2. Check On It is still a highlight in Beyonce's career for me. A huge bop. Wasn't there some argument that it was supposed to be a Destiny's Child song? And that there is a brief moment where Kelly is still on it? I always thought that. And Swizz Beats (?) does say "DC - Destiny's Child" at the beginning.
  3. Get On The Bus is delicious.

    The worst single may be Nasty Girl. Teenage me bopped when it came out but in 2021 it’s just completely cringe. The worst slut shaming is going on here. I also hate how they tried to style themselves less sexy for that one video to make it work. Not cute at all.
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  4. Nasty Girl felt weird even back then to me as it felt like they were coming for their fellow female artists or that they were trying to police their young fanbase. It was unnecessary.
  5. Nasty Girl is musically a bop but lyrically awful, even by 2001 standards. It didn’t get released in the UK as a single and I’m kind of glad.
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  6. Yes.

    Just forget about the lyrics! It's not like Survivor and Bootylicious are lyrical masterpieces...
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  7. The fact it samples TWO songs, them being Push It and Tarzan Boy, two absolutely BANGERS and all-time classics with like seven choruses yet Nasty Girl still ended up sounding undercooked and boring... mess.
  8. I still bop to Nasty Girl
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  9. I used to really love Nasty Girl and Fancy, but found it hard to listen to them in recent years. Nasty Girl for the reasons already discussed and Fancy because it’s a little too negative, which really bothers me for some reason.
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  10. Every two months I need to share this often forgotten gem

    The production is still immaculate.
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can we move past "slut shaming" as a phrase and simply utilize "sex shaming"? It's not moving past a slur to use it that way dd.
  12. Can we talk about this positive bop

    Beyonce was clearly flying boy (or maybe hit the joint to hard?) but that note @3:20 was glorious.

    Funny story:
    My mom would hate when I played this song because she would be like Damn does the B*tch ever shut up
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I always feel like Jumpin' Jumpin' doesn't get enough praise, it's relentless and Beyoncé is on fire (I know she always is but this felt like the first time she really didn't mess about).
  14. I love the Azza remix and i wish they made a video for it as like a after party vibe and how ironic this version has Kelly, Michelle and Farrah on it
  15. I forgot that their Destiny Fulfilled tour was sponsored by McDonalds and consequently why "Cater 2 U" has the lyrics "I'm lovin' it". At least it's pretty subtle compared to its predecessor...

    I was also reminded of the UK budget version of it...
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  16. If DC came back with new music - who would you like them to work with?
  17. Blood Orange, Frank Ocean, Pharrell (if it's more like Beyoncé's Blow), MNEK, Illangelo, Kindness to name a few. And write with Jazmine Sullivan!!
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Basically anyone the Sugababes would work with. They have the same vocal chemistry.

    I could see DC3 really going for a warmer, more organic production style

  19. Yes!! Both groups have such a good chemistry when they sing together. And their harmonies melt me like butter.

    And an organic sound would be perfect for them, possibly some quiet storm slow jams?

    Edit: Pharrell really brings out his A game when working with the likes of B, doesn’t he?
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  20. Jam City, Stint and Chloe Bailey.
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