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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. It was the one and only Michelle:

  2. I thought it was Kelly too!
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  3. It was very obviously Michelle. It has her cadence.
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  4. Lose My Breath is just incredible. They were going to do well with a "comeback" single after the solo debuts, but they came back with something absolutely killer and I was obsessed then/still am now.
  5. Clearly not, if some of us thought otherwise. But.. okay.
  6. Well, maybe y’all need to clean your ears then.

    Its not that serious.
  7. Hit me.

  8. I always thought it was a man's voice. Oop.
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  9. Looks like these fake DC fans never watched the *amazing* first two performances of Lose My Breath!


    A moment.

    I will forever stan Lose My Breath: the definition of a banger in the Pop Dictionnary.
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  10. How do people NOT know that "Hit Meh" is sung by the legend that is Tenitra Michelle Williams???

    Fun fact: I made an extremely amateur video of one of my friends "dancing" to Lose My Breath from very limited footage of him dancing on webcam when this was released. It features a lot of slo mo, reversing of clips, mirror images etc.

    I've been told by said friend to not share it with the world unfortunately.
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  11. I forgot how much of a whole ass bop Independent Women pt. 2 is!
  12. GCZ


    My favorite version!
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  13. I love it but nothing beats Part 1, it is absolute perfection and one of my all time favourite songs.
  14. Crazy to know this was originally Part 1 and was gonna be the version used on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack
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  15. I didn’t know that. There’s nothing commercial about part 2.

    At a show I attended once (I think it was the Dangerously In live tour), Beyoncé said Independent Women was originally going to be her first solo single but her dad changed the plans. I wonder if that was going to be part 2 or a different version.
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  16. So she was planning to go solo before the Survivor album then..?
  17. More likely the song wasn’t originally planned to be on that album
  18. The ACCLAIM for Lose My Breath on this page, whew. Seriously I think the single should be a blueprint for any girlgroup comeback. If you been gone for years and you don’t have that quality of material for your reunion era, then just don’t bother.
  19. I actually feel like Something New could have (or at least deserved to have) done that for Girls Aloud. It definitely had elements of that Lose My Breath 'punch' to it. A comeback pinnacle for sure.

    Then you have Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
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  20. Yasss I picked Lose My Breath only due to logical reason as it was released prior to Something New. Of course our Queens Aloud nailed the formula. But the sole difference is Lose My Breath leading to a flawfree, full studio album. Can’t say the same about Something New...
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