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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I don't think words could even express how incredible Lose My Breath is. What a return!
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  2. This makes complete sense.

    It sounds like a Beyonce solo along with My Heart Still Beats and Brown Eyes. Maybe they were all the start of what could have been Bey's debut album had Michelle and Farrah not joined.

    As well as having Kelly's lead on the bridge, Part I, has Michelle very audible on the chorus "throw yo hands up at meh!"
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  3. Not to mention the original Dangerous in Love.

    I hadn’t pieced it all together. I just thought Beyoncé may have done a solo single before the DC album but it does make sense that she was recording a whole album before plans changed.
  4. Except Michelle is very audible on the chorus of Dangerously in Love (on "in loooovee" - including the re-recorded version on Bey's debut album.

    It sounds like Bey kept Michelle's orignal vocals.

    Speaking of other Bey solos. Jumpin Jumpin has always sounded like it's all Bey to me (backgrounds included). Maybe they were in a rush to record it.
  5. That version would have tanked.
  6. What version?
  7. Indie Females 2
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  8. Some of the songs could have been intended for a solo project originally but solo versions never recorded. Doesn’t explain why they didn’t record Dangerous in love.

    Survivor would make sense as a solo single. Especially since it’s I am a survivor rather than we are survivors.
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  9. Beyonce would often sing lead and backing vocals and the others got added into the mix or thrown a bone here and there with a line or verse. Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls would take that (winning) formula and amplify it by 11.
  10. I don’t know if I can see it since a lot of their singles are from the first person anyways (“Say MY Name”, “can you pay MY bills…”, “Break my lease so I can move”, etc.) and they’re a trio called Destiny’s Child to begin with dddd.
  11. Lose MY Breath

    Beyonce is SO selfish.
  12. She wrote that while Kelly and Michelle had their hands round her throat
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  13. Through with love is that DC song that takes the heat up 100%
  14. Ah that one song with 4 verses. The final chorus makes it a whole 11 in my book.
  15. It was literally my 11 in the DC rate.
  16. I have been playing them so much lately, and their second and last album is my favorite. Imagine they ended with one last album, but all five girls. I can just imagine the harmonies, which would be a slice of heaven.
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  17. Definitely sounds like Michelle Williams. Also, the last clue - she was the first DC to release a solo album.
  18. She sounds a lot like Michelle, but she's usually a stronger vocalist?
  19. No, that’s not Michelle. She also already took part in the US version.

  20. Rockhopper sounds just like Michelle to me
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