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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. The Writing's on the Wall really is superb though, even though the era itself was somewhat messy.

    I would love to hear a Destiny's Child album in 2023.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Independent Women
    Survivor (petty as it may be)
    Dance With Me
    Dangerously In Love (well, I did back then)

    Apple Pie A La Mode
    Sexy Daddy
    Perfect Man
    Happy Face
    My Heart Still Beats
    Brown Eyes
    The Story Of Beauty

    Nasty Girl
    Independent Women Part II
    Gospel Medley
    Outro (DC-3)

    Yeah, I'm fine with this album. I can see how it feels a bit thrown together, especially coming after The Writing's but I still thoroughly enjoy the majority of it.
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  3. I cannot fathom all this Survivor hate. By far their most interesting album, pop-wise. Wall to wall bops.

    Only song I'd maybe do away with is The Story of Beauty. The family sex abuse narrative always stood out as abruptly profound and ill-fitting with the rest of the album.

    But then again I love Simply Deep and people always shun it as hastily (and poorly) put-together, so maybe my taste is just contrary to the tide.

    EDIT: Sexy Daddy, Apple Pie A La Mode and Happy Face all deserved single treatment.
  4. At work last week we were filming on a bus, and I played Get On The Bus which I'd not heard for a while. What a bop.
  5. Okay Mathew
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  7. After writing the Writing’s on the Wall in the space of two years Matthew one day told them “we are releasing an album in a month lol” so everything they had scribbled in their diaries became a song dd

    *insert gif of Bey manically scratching a pad with a pen*
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  8. [​IMG]

    That's Beyonce maniacally tapping a Nintendo DS.
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  9. Survivor makes for a nice EP for me. “Emotion” is an atrocious cover so it doesn’t make the cut but the other two (US) singles (I don’t count “Independent Women Pt. 1” as it’s a soundtrack single and one that name drops the movie too often to be divorced from it) are classics. The lunacy of “Happy Face” and the Peabody’s Improbable History theme sampling “Independent Women Pt. 2” are also highlights.
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  10. I quite like Simply Deep, it just isn't bursting with hits and could have used a tracklisting reshuffle.
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  11. I liked Simply Deep, but even now, 20 years later, I'm still not over Kelly referring to it as an alternative rock album...
  12. Survivor is a very fun album of its time and i enjoy just for that, the album didn't take itself seriously plus it got them into that Pop door, i do agree Sexy Daddy and Fancy were screaming to be singles. The only song I really do skip is The Story of Beauty never cared for that one i swapped it out with Have Your Way.
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  13. Survivor just felt so underwhelming considering the heft of the singles, the defining album that proceeded it, and the fantastic debuts from girl groups like Dream and Eden’s Crush released around the same time.
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  14. Survivor was just too long. 12 tracks would’ve been sufficient. Not to say long albums can’t be amazing I mean Stripped.

    Survivor is a lazy album.
  15. This is my bi-monthly post about Apple Pie A La Mode still being one of the coolest track the girls have ever put out. If you get it you get it.

    Not when the debut is 90% filler, come on.
  16. Their first albums are snoozefests to these ears, and even Fulfilled pales in comparison to Survivor, always did, always will.

    "If" and "T-Shirt" are bops though.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Going into it for the bops Destiny Fulfilled definitely disappointed but I've grown to like it for what it is
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  18. The way my atheist arse loves screaming "I finally found it in god!"

    I've always enjoyed Destiny Fulfilled, it felt sophisticated at the time and dodgy lyrics aside, it still stands up today as their most cohesive effort?
  19. UK sales totals for two of their albums:

    1,130,983 - Survivor
    1,120,878 - The Writing's on the Wall

    Survivor is the 3rd best selling girl group album from the 2000s decade (behind PCD & The Sound of Girls Aloud) & 4th of the 21st Century (also behind Little Mix - Glory Days)

    The Writing’s on the Wall is 4th of the 90s (behind Spice, Spiceworld & All Saints) [Based on old sales figures it would be 5th behind Eternal - Always & Forever, but judging by a 2019 article by OCC it appears that they revised Eternal’s sales down quite considerably]
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  20. GCZ


    Survivor is my least favorite album by the group. In my opinion, I’d order them:

    Writings On The Wall
    Destiny’s Child
    Destiny Fulfilled
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