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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. How many b-sides have they had? I know they had bonus tracks and that “8 Days of Christmas” technically was a b-side before it was put onto that Christmas album of the same name.
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  2. They have a bunch of random bonus tracks that may not count as b-sides but were hard to track down. I still don't really know if Can't Help Myself really was a bonus track at all!
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    I do love No More Rainy Days and Dot.
  4. I’m sure someone once said that was a Houston exclusive track?
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    "“Can’t Help Myself” was never commercially released, it was only made available to those in Houston, Beyoncé’s hometown as a purchase incentive during the initial release of The Writing’s On The Wall."
    No clue how that worked in those days though cause it can hardly have been a download.
  6. Maybe purchasers of The Writing’s On The Wall in Houston were given this promo?
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    Yeah that was the best I could think of. Seems quite rare then.
    Also 'b-sides' for one single and one unreleased song is a choice
  8. From the look of it that's exactly what happened, this is from an article in Time that ran during the promotion preceding Dangerously in Love:
    So it's pretty much a fact the Survivor album got rushed out following Independent Women's runaway success. One thing I always thought was interesting was how Sony seemed eager to pull the Mariah-print on the album, with the Walter Afanasieff on a ballad, a well-known cover, regional singles and top it off with a Christmas album at the end.
  9. Survivor had the bops! Must give it another listen.
  10. A very cool rework of “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Paul Woolford.


  11. I love this remix of Soldier so much. They had a lot of great ones!

  12. Destiny's Child (in actuality, just Beyoncé and Kelly) with MaryMary.
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  13. A trans-/homophobe and a trump supporter. Trash.
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  14. The absolute best. Everything about this song is fantastic. The vocals, the harmonies, the production and even Timbo's rap (which is rare!). And the video? Wow. I love every second of it! LeToya's look at 04:04 is the icing on the cake.

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  15. That and Are You That Somebody are perfect. Timbaland was untouchable back then.
  16. Surprised they didn't work more with him.
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  17. He was expensive I guess.
  18. Im sure their collab with him lead them to work with to Missy and this bop came of it

    I would've loved to have heard them on more Timbaland and Missy productions tho
  19. Confessions is a highlight of that album.
  20. Was there a reason why Jumpin Jumpin & Say My Name cd singles (for non UK editions) had La Toya and LaTavia on the covers even though they were not in the band at the time of release?
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