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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. It's so messy. LeToya and LaTavia on the single cover, Michelle and Farrah in the video, yet only Beyoncé's vocals on Jumpin' Jumpin.
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  2. Yeah, welcome to the messy world of Destiny's Child.
  3. At least Michelle and Farrah managed to get vocals on this remix (missed opportunity not making a video for it, the perfect after party vibe)
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  4. What a strange remix.

    I also didn’t realize they had so many photoshoots with Farrah.
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  5. I remember the Say My Name video premiering and having no idea who the new members were because of all the extras in that video!
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  6. Are they Michelle and Farrah's vocals though? I didn't think they actually re-recorded anything for The Writing's on the Wall era...
  7. They recorded new vocals for the Remix album. Jumpin' Jumpin' features Michelle and Farrah's vocals for certain. Not sure about Say My Name.
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  8. Speaking of Remixes and Timbaland. This one is right at the top for me.

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  9. Yes, recorded new vocals for the remixes on Jumpin Jumpin. this version has different vocals all the way around and you can actually hear kelly, michelle and Farrah in the background on top of Kelly harmonizing with Bey.
    The Say My Name remix was recorded while Letoya and Latavia were still in the group.
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  10. The singles were probably pressed before the video release and it would have been a waste to re-print them. I think Michelle and Farrah only had about 2 weeks to get ready for the Say My Name video.

    CD was the main format, so they probably printed releases weeks or months in advance to make sure there was enough stock to ship worldwide.

    I haven't heard this remix before, but it's fire. It sounds like Bey and Kelly only to me, possibly with Michelle mixed in quietly on the lows. Allegedly, the vocals for this remix were recorded in the same session with Maurice Joshua who did the "So Good" remix on the album, which clearly has Michelle on the chorus.

    You can really hear Michelle on the chorus singing the middle and Beyonce singing the low harmony.
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I had no idea of all of this and now I'm wondering: do they have any tracks/remixes with identical length/titles that have multiple recordings with multiple line-ups?
  12. I don't think so, since they left Farrah's vocals on Independent Women Part 1.
  13. If you listen closely during the Jumpin Jumpin part is where you really hear them well Michelle she's singing the higher harmony during that part
  14. Omg yes I can hear her on the high "Jumpin...jumpin jumpin'"
  15. Where can you hear Farrah’s vocals on Independent Woman? I never knew this and I’m curious as fuck! Would love to know/hear more of this!
  16. “I bought it” and “I depend on me”, right?

  17. This videos gives a pretty good break down of where you can hear her and Michelle. Michelle killed that low Charlie's angels note at the end of the bridge tho.... goosebumps. They used her all over the harmonies.

    Heres the full acapella
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  18. The bridge without Bey’s adlibs is so damn cool. The background vocals especially.
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  19. I really hope we one day see a Destiny's Child album that is more evenly distributed vocally, without Beyoncé being front, centre and back of the whole thing. It used to make me cringe sometimes when you'd see Kelly and Michelle on stage literally just lip-syncing to Beyoncé's backing vocals. When you have such talented singers it's a real slap in the face to have them lipping to Beyoncé's voice.
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