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Destiny’s Child

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sabrina, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. LeToya speaking high praise of Beyoncé and her work ethic.
  2. When she got her breast implants she did this interview with People magazine -

  3. GCZ


    I love LeToya
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  4. Toya has been nothing but lovely each time she talks about Beyonce. The praise never stops, for real.
    Also, deceased at the 'You know how normally, the lead singer once they've done their role or whatever... You come in and sing your four lines'. I love her.

    Here's the entire thing. Very insightful and entertaining.

    BTW, check out her YT channel. She's amazing.

  5. Legend Michelle was unmasked on Masked Singer Australia tonight.
    Legend sang!
    Really cute interaction with Mel B which will hopefully be online soon
  6. Is Michelle just going around all of the Masked Singer franchise?
  7. Michelle Williams on The Masked Singer World Tour coming to a city near you, a different country a different mask
  8. Love Michelle, but The Masked Singer is one of the stupidest shows on Earth.
  9. Honestly I've never been too bothered about Bey being the focus of the group. Just looking at the Get On The Bus video you could see the level of hunger and skill she had as a teenager already. She was also smart enough to distribute the verses from Survivor on, even giving the lead to Kelly for Bootylicious. It hardly was a 3LW situation where a group was built around a clearly inept singer because she had connections.

    Promithes promithes.
  10. Playa, pleathe.
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  11. A bittersweet moment when the general public are like, 'oh my God Michelle sounds amazing as a singer........ did not know she could sing'.
  12. Well it did start in Korea, the korean format is leagues better
  13. Kiely Williams isn't an inept singer fff.
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  14. promitheth promitheth begs to differ, love.
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She's not a singer at all!
  16. I mean this in the most non argumentative way, but should somebody have an actual lisp, then I’m pretty sure making a joke of it or mocking it like this isn’t 100% right.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I’m pretty sure that should Kiely have a lisp, then making the opening lines of a song per of the joke feels slightly wrong to me.

    Either way, 3LW slap, with their second album being an incredible R&B pop sophomore bop fest and that’s before it was followed by the incredible ‘Feeling You’.
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  17. I’m pretty sure shes said herself that she never had a lisp and it was a fuck up with the auto tune
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  18. I literally have the worst lisp myself haha and THAT is what’s really funny
  19. I did post with extreme caution, as I didn’t want to offend but at the same time didn’t want something to be made light of either. I hope people understand where I was coming from with my original post.
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