Destiny’s Child

I was obsessed with Survivor at the time, but I have to admit I tried to like it better than I really did. Survivor (the song) and Independent Women are timeless classics, Bootylicious and Emotion are cute, Story of Beauty and Brown Eyes had potential but the lyrics are terrible for both, and Fancy and Nasty Girl were also highlights but too hateful and didn’t age well. Overall it’s a fun album that didn’t stand the test of time. The Writings On The Wall remains their absolute best.


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And their name is supposed to be an acronym of "Intelligent Sexy Young Soul Sisters" nn

Isyss' debut (and only) album is very good, some excellent songs on there. I think I prefer it to "Survivor" actually.
In retrospect most group names are terrible, regardless of gender. But even still, female group names were just...questionable all around.
Survivor being rush recorded in 12 days because of their crazy schedules at the time and a rush to capitalize on Independent Women definitely hurt the quality of the record but they were right to strike while the iron was hot and play off the messy media attention they'd received. According to the Becoming Beyoncé book, Darkchild and Timbaland had songs in negotiation for making the record but Matthew didn't want to give them the cut they wanted on publishing, so if that hadn't been a roadblock I'm sure the quality would've been a little bit better.

I've also found it funny that Tommy might've tried to use a pseudo-Mariah mold, with Walter Afanasieff on the album, the ballad cover single, etc.
The Maurice Digital Black-N-Go remix of “Bills, Bills, Bills” goes hard. Had no idea.

So weird that the Survivor era singles aren’t on streaming (granted, neither are the debut era singles).
I am continuously amazed by the amount of fantastic singles they dropped,

No, No, No Part 2
Get On The Bus
Bills, Bills, Bills
Bug A Boo
Say My Name
Jumpin' Jumpin'
Independent Women
Lose My Breath

All fantastic. I love how well Bug A Boo and Lose My Breath fit into Bey's Homecoming soundscape. It's kind of hard to chose the best one, for me it's between Lose My Breath, Bug A Boo and Independent Women most days.

Also the roll-out of Independent Women was quite hectic, having Writings re-released just with Survivor following with it on it too. A Radar tea.
Do you think so? I'd say it's probably around 50/50 (based on who sings them, not who was in the video ddd).

No, No, No Part 2*
With Me Part 1
Get On The Bus
Bills, Bills, Bills*
Bug A Boo*
Say My Name*
Jumpin' Jumpin'*

Independent Women*
Nasty Girl
Lose My Breath*
Cater 2 U
Stand Up For Love

*Actual hits and not just singles
Cater 2 U is one of their best-streamed songs on Spotify. It has more streams than Lose My Breath.

I don't think it was released in the UK, but is still relatively popular and certified Silver.

Also, 8 Days of Christmas is certified Silver and is close to 100M streams on Spotify though I doubt they'd do it live again.

If they ever reunited for a tour, they could also add in You Changed and Say Yes from Kelly and Michelle's last albums.

“Emotion” was also a hit in both the US and the UK, so that brings them to 11 hits with a 45/54 split meaning DC3 wins the “majority” ddd.

Also, in looking up their cover, I found out that they were just singing over a backing track for a cover that came out three years prior?!?

This. Yes the producer Mark Feist used the same track for DC's version.