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Deuce - Rock The Disco... AT LAST!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mrsleaze, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    On The Loose sold poorly. Let's Call It A Day was cancelled. They were dropped. Kelly got fed up and left. Mandy was in. Spice Girls happened. Signed to Love This. No Surrender flopped. The END. Sob.

    The No Surrender remix was ace and should have been the proper version. Mandy was cute too.
  2. My ears are bleeding.
  3. Im sorry, this isn't "wow" or "pop saviour" its fuckin terrible. 11 years for this load of wonder it got canned.. Very very dissapointing.
  4. OH MY GOD!

    where is it? i am completely dumb with this kind of thing.
    please someone send me the link or tell me where?

    i'm almost CRYING with the fact that i can't hear this!
  5. The blog is 'Don't Stop The Pop' where you can download it

    Alternatively, I've got it on my myspace page ( but only to listen to, not download. Enjoy! (its strange at first but improves, trust me!) .x.
  6. Thank you :D

    Its a bit wierd at first, but quite catchy.
  7. I'm a massive Deuce fan and delighted to have this finally. But it's utter dirge that wouldn't even have made the first album, in all fairness.

    One for the archives!

  8. I agree. I can't help but feel disappointed.

    Milky x
  9. I guess it is just a demo though.. and it's not as bad as some of the On The Loose album. It was all about the three singles for me anyway.
  10. It sounds like a cheap, annoying novelty song. I think I'll listen to that nice remix of On The Bible to erase this crap from my memory.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I can't believe how negative and ungratefull some of us are here.
    You get the chance to hear a song that's almost mythical and a pop urban legend and instead of saying thanks (mr sleaze just shared it instead of going all "Oh I have the lost Deuce single ner ner") you download it and then slag it off.
    What did you expect? Can't Get You Out Of My Head part 2?
  12. I wouldn't say its being ungrateful, its merely stating an opinion. It seems a lot of people are in agreement that this "almost mythical and a pop urban legend" isn't as good as expected. Maybe it was its "almost mythical" status that led us to expect more?? In any case, I said I was a bit disappointed but on the other hand, I thank Mr Sleaze for sharing this with us and allowing this "almost mythical and a urban pop legend" to be put to bed.

    Milky x
  13. It reminds me of a Reel2Reel ft Mad Stuntman track called 'Conway' especially the brrrrrrrrrrr's, doubt anyone else will get this reference, but it sounds VERY 1995
  14. Ooh yes it does rather

    I don't think it's bad at all but I don't suppose it would have been a massive hit. Actually I don't know what they were thinking planning on releasing Let's Call It A Day, that would have tanked.
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I think they were going for the Stay Another Day mums market. Nice ballad, sad, simple melody etc. It could be their Whole Again.
  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    On another not the DSTP site is hilarious. On his Hi-5 (Greek Popstars Girlband) none of he facts in his comments is remotely true or correct. Funny!
  17. did Matt Darey (once brilliant pop remixer, now trance boffin) produce this demo by any chance? it's almost exactly the same as a track he released under the name 'Orgasmatron' years ago. instead of Kelly & co singing, this version had silly 'Reel 2 Real' rapping over the top (which was all the rage in those days)... check out the clips here:
  18. I believe it was indeed Matt Darey. Well spotted!

    Sir Sleaze x
  19. well love it mrsleaze! cheers! buda buda buda (or whatever it is lol)
  20. OH MY GOD

    You are a genius. I never thought I would heard a 'new' Deuce song again. It is without a doubt Kelly and Paul - wow!

    We need to track Kelly O'Keeffe down, does anyone know what she is doing - does she have a MySpace
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