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Deuce - Rock the Disco

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Doodvid, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. You should check out my myspace page ( and the comments section where me and Craig from Deuce (check his page too) have been discussing the unreleased single 'Rock the Disco' - never realised it was actually recorded by the group (produced by Matt Darey?) and somewhere it's waiting, for us popjustice fanatics to pounce on it and play it to death!

    Anyone got Tom Watkins' number....?!
  2. Yes, I've got his number. I'll look into it!
  3. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    This is the album you are after!


    (It is very good.)
  4. Well how about getting them back to record it. I can probably hunt Kelly down & doovid is in touch with Craig. Kelly is in touch with Lisa & Lisa is in touch with Paul. Voila!!
    Does it sound really good & how can we hear it???
  5. I wanna hear! That second album wasn't actually all recorded by Deuce was it (if I remember correctly, wasn't it mostly be session singers?) Would love to hear it and if Popjustice has got it, why not let us have a sneaky blast...? Deuce were/are/will be my fave ever pop act and if there's stuff still to be heard...

    Ah go on go on go on go on go on....! .x.
  6. come on Mr PJ you can pull some strings and get permission to leak it. Pleeeeeeeease.
  7. If the Deuce 'Rock the Disco' exists, is this a perfect candidate for the next Popjustice compilation album...?

  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    But it says Knock The Disco on that A4 paper.
  9. I would LOVE to hear this, I'm guessing this is a track after Kelly?
  10. Apparently not. According to my (ahem) myspace "friend", ex-Deuce member Craig Young, the track was recorded before Kelly left, and she sounded fab on it. He recalls it was produced by someone that I can only guess is Matt Darey and was a "modern" take on 'Rock The Kasbah'. He didnt get a copy sadly, only Tom Watkins would be able to fill us in more. He said it was to have been the 5th single (after 'Lets Call It A Day') and the first to be taken from the otherwise un-recorded second album.

  11. Oh my god. Two drops of pee just came out with the excitement of reading this thread.
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Only two?
  13. I can smell them.

  14. This sounds good, i doubt Tom Watkins would share this though somehow :S
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