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Dev - 'Bittersweet July' - EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lostinmybedroom, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Just randomly tumbled across this. Dev, from "Like A G6" fame just released a new EP called 'Bittersweet July'.


    1. Honey Dip
    2. Feel It
    3. Baby We Go
    4. Kids
    5. Who Needs A Heart

    Sounds massive in my ears, an improvement from her debut album which was a nice collection, too. I especially love "Feel It", it's grown on me a lot and is a real club banger.

  2. Honey Dip - excellent
    Feel It - below average
    Baby, We Go - decent, the chorus reminds me of Killer.
    Kids - perfection
    Who Needs A Heart - decent..production could have been better

    Kiss It - grew on me finally, but its still not up to The Night The Sun Came Up standards

    Late Night - boring
    Everything I do - boring
    Here We Are - excellent, her vocals are a little drowned in the mix though.

    Whenever the album is out, I hope she includes Honey Dip, Kids, Kiss It and Here We Are on it.
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