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Dev - The Night the Sun Came Up (Album) Dancing Shoes (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. I've just discovered this album and what a pleasant surprise! I thought after Bass Down Low she was just going to be a Ke$ha/Fergie rip-off. Pleasently surprised by how good a collection it is.

    Is there a single in the UK currently in rotation to support the release?
  2. 'In the Dark' is a very good song. I am glad that she is finding success with it.

    I'm finding it very hard to care about her or her career these days. Oh, you're pregnant? Okay.
  3. VERY dissapointed with this. And to think I was looking forward to buying this :(.
  4. Her Vevo Lift session was really good! I especially loved Shadows.
  5. I was pleasantly surprised by the album, it's not amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a lot of good songs.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She actually has a very cute voice now that I've been able to hear it. I will now listen to the album and see if any of it is good.
  7. She's pushing back the US release another 2 months now.

    Officially over her.
  8. My friend bought her album on iTunes before it was removed and gifted it to me, but then I've deleted like half of the tracks, so I'm left with Lightspeed, In My Trunk, Breathe, In the Dark, and Bass Down Low. Thats the only good tracks on the album for me.

    Can't see her going anywhere or getting anywhere anymore. Unless she can pull out an amazing new single with a track that wasn't on the original version of the album.
  9. Hopefully to redo the whole thing.
  10. The album is just poorly produced. I think if each song was... thicker, in the sense that each song seems a bit thin. Give the album to a top producer, should outta do the trick.

    Call it sell out.... but i think it is what she needs, otherwise it will be bye bye Dev.
  11. I'm so impressed with the VEVO sessions. Her voice is actually much stronger than her songs let on, and considering 'In The Dark' is such a club song, it lends itself so well to an acoustic session. Favourite from the session is Getaway though
  12. Can't help thinking that people are being too hard on the album. There's nothing that screams 'massive hit' on it, but it's quite decent. I like how 'pop' it sounds - there are dance tracks, faux-R&B tracks etc. but in the end, it's still pop, through and through. Gotta thank The Cataracs for that, their sound is fresh and different from everything else on the radio.
  13. This.
  14. Most definitely. This album offers the freshest sound of the year.

    People are probably being harsh because of her trashier songs, while the album offers so many pop perfections.

    If Robyn was singing "Dancing Shoes" or Rihanna "Kiss My Lips", people would be praising them.
  15. Yeah, those who loved In The Dark and Bass Down Low, and are expecting more of that on the album, you'll be disappointed. The album is nothing like those two songs. It's more mid-tempo. And they're all very nice actually. The album puts me in a good mood everytime i listen to it.

    I can totally imagine Robyn doing Dancing Shoes.
    Kiss My Lips for Rihanna would be more like "Rihanna feat. Nicky Minaj - Kiss Ma Lips"
  16. I guess you're right as the first two singles are not representative of the album.

    I didn't like Bass Down Low, liked In The Dark but love the rest of the album. I had no expectations but decided to give this album a chance - it blew me away.

    I love situations when I find an album that I didn't anticipate or thought before listening that it'd be amazing. The last time it happened to me was with Marina and the Diamonds' debut.

    Anyway, Dev's Lightspeed begs to dominate the world. It needs a proper release.
  17. None of the songs she did before the album represents her sound really. Booty Bounce and Fireball are also nothing like any song on the album.

    I wasn't a big fan of all 3 versions of Bass Down Low and I still skip over that track. The rest of the album is very good. In The Dark was catchy, and she looked hot as sex in the video, but thats that. The album is waaaay better than that song.

    Agreed. It will be a major flop, but it needs to be released in any case. It's such an amazing song. That cough in perfect. Who'd have known!?

    EDIT - also, I hope there's an extended version of "Me" sometime in the future. The last 30 seconds of the song are spectacular!
  18. Oh yes, that cough! It gets me every time.

    The end of "Me" is brilliant. The whole change in the song is unexpected and innovative. I underestimated The Cataracs. It's them who make this record very good.
  19. true, it is The Cataracs who made the album what it is. I mean, Dev does have a sexy voice, like she has an eternal flu, but its a limited voice. Still, her talk-singing works well with the production
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