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Dev - The Night the Sun Came Up (Album) Dancing Shoes (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nate, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. I like her and her personality. She isn't pretending to be anything she's not, and I enjoy unpretentious musicians. And she doesn't veer so far into "unpretentious" that she's annoying like Kesha. She just seems like she'd be cool to hang with.

    Plus I like plenty of her music.
  2. Re: Dev - The Night the Sun Came Up (Album) In The Dark (Single)

    Kreayshawn >>>>>
  3. Re: Dev - The Night the Sun Came Up (Album) In The Dark (Single)

    Is that not what you paint fences and sheds with?
  4. I think we gotta hear more from Kreayshawn first, but Gucci Gucci was stuck in my head yesterday while I was painting the deck.

    "Louis louis gucci gucci fendi fendi prada, them basic bitches love that shit so I don't even botha!~"

    Perfect Match is cute also, I like Dev. I'm looking forward to the album.
  5. Oh dear, sounds a bit naff.
  6. I think it sounds good, and like a grower. Anyway didn't know it was out on the 5th in the UK?
  7. The album sounds very good, much deeper than I would have thought after Bass Down Low.

    It's out September 2 here, quite soon.
  8. Sounds really really good!
  9. Really excited for this album , 'Dancing shoes' sounds amazing!!! So glad it is the next single wow!
  10. In My Trunk and Kiss My Lips have leaked so I think it's safe to say that the entire thing will be out there soon. In My Trunk is decent, Kiss My Lips is mediocre.
  11. Dying to hear Dancing Shoes. Sounds like it could be as good as a top Ke$ha mid-tempo.
  12. Well it's officially released on Friday but those two leaked because they were available to buy on a site called djcity.
  13. I think the album sounds decent!
  14. Sounds awesome! A nice mix of songs; some bangers, some mid-tempos, raps and tracks that give her the chance to exercise her vocals.

    Was going to list my most anticipated tracks, but they all sound very intruiging
  15. Will definitely be picking this up on my next album spree. It sounds like an interesting pop record.
  16. Looking forward to hearing this. The clips did absolutely nothing for it though, but then again they never do for any album.
  17. I wasn't gonna buy this album, or even listen to it, I didn't really love the first two singles, but then I heard "In My Trunk" and loved it instantly. I'm gonna listen to the previews and decide it I'm buying it or not

    Standout tracks: In My Trunk, Breathe, Lightspeed, Bass Down Low, In the Dark,
    Mediocre tracks:Dancing Shoes, Perfect Match, Kiss My Lips, Getaway
    Skip tracks: Me, Take Her Away From You, Shadows

    Overall: An OK album, not as strong as it could be. But overall got some great songs. I can see it doing ok.
  18. Just bought the album on German Amazon mp3. Off to listen.
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