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Deva Mahal - Run Deep (album) [soul/RnB]

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by spillett, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Check her out - her voice is great. The album is out now.

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  2. Reminds me of several other things but is very captivating, like the video, she seems very nice and the voice is awesome. I'll add it to my playlist for sure and will check out the album. Thank you.
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  3. I really like! Thanks for the tag!
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  4. The album is really strong. I need to give it a few more spins but it still definitely going to get a lot of play from me.
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  5. This is great! I’m definitely going to check out the album.
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  6. What a video! What a voice! Love this and appreciate the tag more than you realize! Will be checking out the whole album for sure!
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  7. Nice song and voice!
  8. Album is still ah-mazing!
  9. Okay, she sounds so much like Amy Winehouse on the title track and 'Turnt Up'.

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  11. I did! I really like it but need some time with it when all these new releases let me breath! Her vocals are amazing, looking forward to giving it more time. Is she touring st all?
  12. Awesome. I love the album more every time I listen. It's great having it on vinyl.

    Not sure about a tour, I haven't seen anything.
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  14. Amazing gig. She performed the whole album plus one or two other tracks. So lovely and she recognised me from Instagram ha.
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