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Diana Gordon - Becoming

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. 2014

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    I would ADORE something brand new from her, Why Hide is perfect.
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  2. An album is apparently coming this year judging by her recent comments to fans on Instagram.
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  3. She sits on her music too much.
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  4. 2014

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    This should be the new name for the Sky thread ddd
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  5. She should have rode the songwriting wave that happened during Lemonade. Pure, being an album, would have slayed.
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  6. It's seems to have been removed. Did she put up something album related?
  7. It's still there.
  8. I really hope we get another EP at least. I just begged in the comment section for it!
  9. Oh god I saw her name pop up on the main page of the forum and immediately remembered Dirty Talk. What a 2010 bop.
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  10. Hmm, it's giving me that Instagram picture saying it's been removed. Maybe her Instagram hates me haha.
  11. She responded (!) by saying an album is definitely coming.
  12. On the list and ready! I'm on a Pure kick again.
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  13. Is she signed to a major label, or independent?
  14. Independent.

  15. Guess it’s coming this Friday!
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  16. Looks like she’s signed to a major label again. Warner Records is written in the bottom left of the artwork.
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  17. @2014 @Someboy Can the thread title be changed to Diana (Wynter) Gordon - Becoming?
  18. The actual SCREAM I let out, YASSSSSSSS.
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