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Diana Gordon - Becoming

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. I'm excited. I've hammered "Becoming" since its release, so I hope this is in the same vein or even better.
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  2. Will she ever drop a full album. Ever.
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  3. Technically, she has. Just not since 2011... under a different stage name.
  4. This thread just made me realize I haven't actively followed her since...2013? and not because the music was bad, she's just frustrating to follow because of how often she resets herself dddd.

    I guess my question is - if I was really into the The Human Condition and Sanguine EPs, is her more recent stuff in the same vein or has she shifted her sound a lot since then?

    (Also the Wynter debut album remains mostly timeless and criminally underrated)
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  5. It's more contemporary R&B, try this on for size xx

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  6. Her Pure EP is one of the best projects of 2018! Her Five Needle EP (last official release under the Wynter stage name) is solid too. These would be the tracks I’d recommend post-2013 besides the already mentioned Wolverine:

  7. Her Pure EP is fantastic, especially Kool Aid and Wolverine. Becoming on the other hand, I wasn't much of a fan. It just ended too soon for me.
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  8. Still such a powerful song, a shame it’s not available to stream/ buy.
  9. Ooh its great.
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  10. I love it. For me it’s more instant than Becoming.

    As for post 2013 Diana, if you like here Human condition ep’s, you’ll probably like her Five Needle ep too. Higher is one of my favorites

    and Against The Time is a bit Stimela part 2
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  11. Yesss, let's go trap grunge!
  12. Such a great hook and she sounds great as usual. The Becoming music video was great so I hope Rollin’ gets one too.
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  13. The passage about what she said the song was about always makes me love it more:
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  14. This reminds me of her song Daddy’s Song. I’ll always be a little sad we never got the studio version of that song.
  15. I strangely bought this when it was on iTunes. Still in my Purchased section.
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  16. Same ddd. I'm still mad we only got one song out of this project. This is like top 3 Diana Gordon for me.
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  17. Ugh yas, I continuously checked for an EP to no avail. I’m just glad she’s still keeping us fed after all these years!
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  18. The way FKA Wynter Gordon/The Righteous Young/Diana Gordon has switched stage names and projects sends me. She's only a few away from catching up to Ms. Verbz/Verbalicious/Natalia Cappucini/Natalia Kills/Teddy Sinclair/Cruel Youth.
  19. Diana Gordon is the best incarnation as a whole package and it’s her given name too!
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