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Diana Gordon - Becoming

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. So far, I'm inclined to agree, although I can't deny how much I adored everything under her Wynter moniker. I still have a soft spot for most of With the Music I Die, Doleo, and Sanguine.
  2. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Buy My Love walked so I Don’t Want It At All could walk slightly faster
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  3. You know, I was just about to edit my post to say that "Buy My Love" walked so Kim Petras can do whatever she does, dkjsfksjfksk.
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  4. Nn not “whatever she does” fdxzgfeg.
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  5. I like Kim sometimes, but originality is not what that girl excels at.
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  6. Isn’t Buy My Love much better?
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  7. I figured that was kind of implied, and I love both songs nn
  8. I'm loving Rollin. I really hope she releases an album soon, it's been far too long since she's released a body of work.

    I've been revisiting some Wynter era music recently. A lot of it feels so nostalgic now. Songs like Surveillance were such big moments in my life, that it feels weird that they weren't actual big hits (although still believe that Surveillance would have been huge if it had been properly released). I guess for me a Wynter era greatest hits would be:

    Against The Time (feat. Vince Staples)
    Believer (feat. Freemasons)
    Back To You
    Still Getting Younger
    Bleeding Out
    Bad Thing
    Nervous (feat. Travis Scott)
    Dirty Talk
    Renegade (feat. Static Revenger)
    I'll Find A Way (Acoustic)
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  9. Yeah, it does feel very strange that Surveillance was never actually properly released, doesn't it!

    Diana is the kind of artist that really needs to do one of those long podcast interviews about her career - and life in general. I think she has a very inspirational story to tell.
  10. Ugh CHRIST The Human Condition is still so fantastic. Kids is heartbreaking.
  11. I still bop to "No Hush" and "Nervous" on a regular basis.

    The fact that "Nervous" and "Vulnerable" by Tinashe were the first times I ever heard Travis Scott rapping still sends me.
  12. Ddd how far along are you in her discography? You should listen chronologically!
  13. I've been a fan since Dirty Talk sis! I've just been revisiting her lately thanks to the thread nn
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  14. No Hush is such a bop.
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  15. How have I never heard this before?

  16. Now i'm thinking about how I discovered her. It was back when I was a huge Katy Perry stan and I use to read her blog ddd. She posted a photo of them together at Diana's birthday party and then that made me check out her myspace. So all the songs I have from that era are all shitty myspace rips. Most of those songs ended up on that mixtape she released in 2009. Which I completely forgot about until just now. I can't believe i've been stanning her for over a decade.
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  17. I really want her songs with Timbaland to leak or be put onto a mixtape. This one sounded so beautiful.

    Would love her to put together a mixtape with her unreleased music, she must have so many great songs that we've not heard.

    Also had anyone ever heard this absolute bop from 2017? I've never heard it before!
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  18. I always forget that she’s the (uncredited) lead vocalist on this song even though I loved Somewhere Else’s short lived career as a producer duo. Uh Huh’s her most underrated dance collaboration.
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  19. I'm thirsty for Fences to finally be released. Diana can tackle any genre.

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  20. I never heard this one either. I thought I knew about all of her released and leaked songs. Guess not then. It’s a great song though. Thanks.
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