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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, May 15, 2014.

  1. Have looked and found only one Diana Ross thread. Could I be looking in the wrong place? Such a diva superstar has no real thread of her own except a small one for her LP's? Let's have a general one.
    I had to start one because tonight out of nowhere "Take Me Higher" popped into my head and had to put on the cd single.
    I'm always amazed at what a great dance song this is. I would almost say this is the last great song by Diana Ross, and last non-ballad song that is really something.
    And not only the song but even the two b-sides were great IMO. I think this was my second ever Ross item I bought after a Motown Greatest Hits of hers.

    I rarely play the Higher album, in fact I haven't played it since it came out, for various reasons.
  2. I'v never fully listened to any of her albums properly only her hit singles.What album do you recomend i should starts with to basically get to know her as an album artist rather than a single artist?
  3. I can't be assed to find it but I know there's a Diana Ross thread in Comeback Corner.
  4. Chain Reaction remains a gold standard pop classic
  5. Excuse to post this:

  6. Diana has to have the single most vast, varied and enjoyable discography of any female popstar. It almost (but not quite) makes up for the lack of new material. Her 70th birthday should have been a much bigger deal.
  7. Love Hangover is the best fucking song of the 70s.
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  8. I'd always recommend the 1980 album, "Diana" that she did with the Chic guys. My Old Piano, Upside Down, I'm Coming Out.

    The Boss is quite highly regarded, too, I think. I mainly stick to the singles/compilations.
  9. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Yeah, I'm a huge Diana Ross fan, and even then, none of her albums would feature among my favourites. They're all a bit patchy.

    That said, Eric is right that 'diana' is probably the best of them, but her debut ('Diana Ross') is almost as strong. 'Surrender', 'The Boss' and 'Take Me Higher' are all pretty good too. After that, 'Every Day Is a New Day' and the underrated 'Last Time I Saw Him' are probably the best of the rest, in my opinion. Let's see if I can come up with another three to round it up to ten - 'Baby It's Me' is a bit too polished, but isn't at all bad, 1983's 'Ross' is a bit marmite-y, but it's my favourite of the '80s RCA albums, and then as long as you have a stomach for schmaltz, 'The Force Behind the Power' is very good for what it is, even though what it is would make many people run a mile.
  10. I listen to her RCA work mostly, even if her 70s material was generally better. I still like her 80s period the best.

    I think "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" is one of her most fun albums, but it doesn't seem especially popular among her fans.
  11. I have a soft spot for Swept Away, mostly due to the title track.
  12. How nice to see 'Take Me Higher' being mentioned on here. I was youtubing it only yesterday for my mum, remembering the songs we used to play in the car back in the 90s.. and my cassette of choice back then was this single... its sorely underrated.

    I swear down.. 1995.. best year for pop music!
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  13. Swept Away is my jam!
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  14. I love Diana Ross and personally, I think her albums are FANTASTIC. She may be known as a singles artist, but I think the Hip-O-Select reissues over the past ten years prove some of her albums are true gems.

    "diana" is probably her most successful album (the deluxe edition with the original CHIC mixes is essential). I prefer "The Boss" because I think Diana coupled with Ashford & Simpson writing and producing is a win-win situation (along with her debut album).

    The "Touch Me in the Morning" deluxe reissue is another must-have. Some strong production and a treasure of unreleased tracks.

    "Baby It's Me" is a master class in vocals and production. I think it's one of her best albums, vocally.

    Her '80s albums are good, too. I was lucky to find "Swept Away" and "Eaten Alive" in a thrift shop a few weeks ago. I think "Swept Away" is a great '80s pop/R&B album. "Telephone" is so underrated.

    "Take Me Higher" and "Every Day is a New Day" are also good in my opinion. "I Thought That We Were Still in Love" from TMH is another favourite vocal performance.

    It's a shame that it appears the Hip-O-Select series has come to a halt.
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  15. To anyone who is interested in "going deep" into Diana's discography, I strongly recommend this incredible blog which covers the entire gamut of Diana's recording career: the Diana Ross Project.

    You'll have to go back a few pages to find his album reviews. They're *all* worth reading.
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  16. Nice finds! Come to think of it, all my Diana Ross CDs were picked up in used/charity stores.....even Red Hot Rhythm & Blues and Why Do Falls Fall In Love. The only 80s one I'm missing on CD is Silk Electric.
  17. Ooh, and I found Red Hot Rhythm & Blues as well. The biggest find, though, was Diana Ross and The Supremes Captured Live on Stage. It's very hard to find and I found it (along with the others) in pristine condition. Somebody obviously was giving up their Ross collection (for shame!).

    I still need her first three RCA albums. "Ross" ('83) is one I am curious to hear.
  18. Did I not reply to this thread or did my post get deleted for some reason?
  19. I'm only a casual Diana fan, but my favourite tracks are 'Eaten Alive' and 'When You Tell Me That You Love Me'. It's so bizarre that the former wasn't huge, given it was released off the back of 'Chain Reaction' and in the aftermath of Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

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