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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, May 15, 2014.

  1. So the new compilation Diamond Diana is doing very well in the US. #30 on the albums charts, #5 on the album sales chart (no streaming included) and #1 on the RnB album chart. Add to that a number 1 club hit and rumors of a new record contract and 2018 is off to a rather good start for fans of Miss Ross.
  2. European Tour please.
  3. Great news. Hopefully a new album, more remixes and more catalogue reissues. The Supremes Christmas reissue was stunning!
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  4. Is there any point for big fans to buy this? New mixes, prev unrel, lush packaging?
  5. Just heard Ain't No Mountain High Enough (The ANMHE "Diamond Diana" Remix) and it's a bit tame compared to the banging Almighty Mix! Are there other new remixes of this out there?
  6. Yes, there's a few. I think Chris Cox has one.

    I agree, the Almighty mixes were stunning. They still hold up.
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  7. I had a look on iTunes but could only see the Eric Kupper ANMHE remix.

    That Diana Almighty remix album is far better than it has any right to be.
  8. Did Billboard add all of the 'Diamond Diana' discs that sold throughout December and January on the Home Shopping Network to its first week tally? How does that even work?
  9. I've lost hope that Diana will ever release new material, but I'm absolutely living for the recent revival of interest in her. She's one of the most accomplished entertainers of the 20th century, but almost never properly recognized as such.
  10. Yes, for such a pioneering female music legend, she still somehow never manages to get quite enough respect.
  11. Probably because she's still around, just like Gladys and Martha.
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  12. Could well be.
  13. I didn't wanna say it but it's just like Madonna explained. She stuck around. And it's really sad that that is one reason. At least the BET or AMA gave her a proper celebratory party months ago (Diana).
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  14. The fact that Diamond Diana is doing alot better than expected, shows how much her classic back catalogue sells that's for sure.
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  15. I would so love a new album.
    Maybe she could get Nile Rodgers to write a few songs for her as a sequel to their masterpiece? (Let's pretend the songs on Workin Overtime didn't happen).
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  16. Why not new guys, like Mary J Blige did with London Sessions but good?
  17. A new modern day Diana album, yet retaning all the essential things about what has made Diana Ross such a music legend, would be so good.
  18. I’ve really got into Diana in the last few weeks. I only really knew The Force Behind The Power and her Love & Life greatest hits before digging but have found some gems in her extensive back catalogue

    - Swept Away
    - Missing You
    - Paradise (Shep Pettibone Mixes)
    - This House
    - Carry On (Remix)
    - He Lives In You
    - Dirty Looks
    - Diana Remixed ‘93 album (surprisingly good for a remix album)
    - I’m So Happy To See You Again
    - Promise Me You’ll Try

    And the masterpiece that is Take Me Higher, the single and whole album. I’m particularly loving the T-Empo Club Adventure Mix of Take Me Higher which is brilliant, shame it’s not been released in full on CD anywhere

    Any other recommendations I’m missing?
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  19. I love pretty much all of her work. The starting point for me was the Love & Life 2 CD compilation from 2001. I think that is a great place to start (although almost all the songs you mentioned are not featured there).
    The Almighty remix album is also really quite good.
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  20. You have covered most of my favourites there as I prefer her 80s/90s material in general but I would also recommend Eaten Alive (which is a duet with Michael Jackson in all but name)

    This amazing Hex Hector club remix

    and the whole Almighty remix album which is far better than it has any right to be. Try this for size

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