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Diana Ross - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, May 15, 2014.

  1. If you want to take a peak at earlier Diana albums then I would recommend her debut, Surrender, Baby It's Me and The Boss. I love all her studio albums from the 70s (not counting Ross '78, which wasn't really an album).

    Yes, the Almighty album really is much, much better than expected. I was very glad to finally get it on CD last year (unofficial, but still a great release).
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  2. I’ve got Love & Life and that was my starting point but there is much more to discover. I’ll dig out the Almighty album as it sounds interesting, normally a full album of Almightymixes would put me off but I’ll take your recommendations.

    Think I’m going to try the 70s albums too so will start with those three
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  3. They are not all as banging as you might expect. This one in particular is very light and breezy

    I really would recommend Almighty Presents We Love Diana Ross


    Love that cover!
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  4. ^Brilliant cover!
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  5. What happened to the reissue of The Supremes' We Remember Sam Cooke? Wasn't it supposed to come out this week? I can't find it listed on cdjapan.
  6. Is this still available anywhere in Lossless?
  7. I wouldn't know, since I have it on CD.
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  8. CD format is preferred, I just wasn’t aware physical Promos had been pressed.
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  9. LOVE this remix so much.
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  10. My boyfriend's favourite D Ross song I think!
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  11. That mix is *brilliant* - it takes what is a good song anyway to a whole other level.

    T'Empo were doing some great remixes back then. Their mix of Toni Braxton's 'You're Making Me High' is also epic.
  12. And Dana Dawson!
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  13. And Taylor Dayne's Tell It To My Heart!
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  14. Absolutely agree! Legendary remixers. And I adore both the Toni and Taylor remixes too.
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  15. Listening to Every Day is a New Day. This is actually quite a strong album. I think I prefer the Brandy + Diana version of Love is all that Matters but the solo one is fine.

    It's so weird to hear the original version of Not Over You Yet after many years of being used to the Metro mix.
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  16. I can't alas warm to the original mix of Not Over You Yet at all! Perhaps because the Metro mix is my 2nd favourite Diana Ross song after Eaten Alive!
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  17. Let's enjoy a good listen of it!
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  18. Amen! SUCH a bop!

  19. My favourite ever ballad by any artist all time. Ms Ross bring this to live so much with just pure emotion.
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