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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Top Of The World, is absolutely fantastic! It's pure happiness in one single song. Be wonderful if Ms Ross did this gem of a song live.
  2. Currently playing this underrated delight of an album:

    It's Diana Ross doing late 80's New Jack Swing and House. So naturally I love.
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  3. It was practically ignored on release.
  4. It's a shame, it really did deserved better. Paradise, is up there with one of the great dance/house songs from 1989 too and the Shep Pettibone remixes of it, are awesome too. As always with him of course! This was the lead single that Motown wanted, but Ms Ross wanted the title track instead and as we know, got her wish:

    Quite Jody Watley style I think in a way.
  5. I think it was rated. Not under or over.

    Also wtf are the rest of the european dates Miz Ross.
  6. I'm so looking forward to seeing Diana Ross this year. Is it too much to hope for one of Eaten Alive, Swept Away or Paradise? (yes).
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  7. Probably. But one can hope for sure all the same!
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  8. I think we could all die happy if she performed that holy trinity.
  9. A more realistic but still stan-friendly trio would be My Old Piano, Chain Reaction and One Shinning Moment. Still songs she doesn't perform that are bops and were UK hits.
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  10. Exactly that.
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  11. Swept Away, Dirty Looks and Eaten Alive would make me ascend. But in my dreams,
  12. I'd certainly much rather have one of those than her pointless cover of I Will Survive!
  13. You will get a 5-minute truncated Supremes medley and you will deal.
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  14. I checked her setlist before getting tickets (I decided not to, for other reasons but still hoping for European dates) and it was mainly Vegas garbage.
  15. Swept Away was the only one of those that was a hit in America, but I still don’t fancy its chances.
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  16. Diana has so many amazing flops. Shockwaves from Red Hot Rhythm and Blues. Paradise from Workin' Overtime. I think the list could go on and on.
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  17. She also looked unbelievably sexy and youthful in the video for the title track. An icon.

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  18. Wouldn't we all!
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  19. I can't express how much I love this video.
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  20. Very good watch. Not just because it features LOTS of Diana at her late 80s best, but lots of clips of the female stars usurping her in the charts at the time....
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