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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Alas nothing, it's ridiculous and disgusting quite frankly on the promoters part too.
  2. I'm sure it'll be a total last minute announcement, I mean I not believe anyone would be expecting it to still be on in June.
  3. I know, still annoying though.
  4. Recently discovered the magnificent Paradise from Workin' Overtime thanks to shuffle. Bopping!

  5. Express Yourself vibes.
  6. Love this. We need a Workin' Overtime re issue pretty please.
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  7. Just had an e-mail from Ticketmaster to say the shows at the O2 will be rescheduled to next year:

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  8. Yes me too for Glasgow but no set date yet. Let’s hope Ms Ross is still happy to tour by 2022!
  9. Good to finally get confirmation that it's been rescheduled. I am sure Ms Ross won't let us down!
  10. Glasgow for me too, be amazing to FINALLY see Ms Ross live on stage. Fingers crossed!!
  11. Crazy to think the original date was summer 2020 and now we're talking summer 2022. I originally bought the tickets for my bfs birthday, we're not even together anymore...
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  12. Yes, I know feels like a lifetime ago now. And sorry to hear about that too.
  13. I-
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  14. He dumped me, he wasn't getting the tickets after that!
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  15. Rightly so he wasn't!
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  16. Happy birthday, Miss Ross!
    Been blasting my Eaten Alive vinyl today, still my fav album cover.
  17. And mine! I'd love Eaten Alive reissued on vinyl just to frame


    So striking, so camp!
  18. Timeless legend! Happy birthday Ms Ross.
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  19. Look what the postman ever so kindly brought me yesterday, just in time for her birthday!

  20. My favourite album cover by her has to be Diana Ross from 1976. Such an iconic and stunning shot!

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