Diana Ross

I thought "Every Day Is A New Day" was a gem of an album. What it needed in Europe though was to be remixed because it was far too slanted towards the US market and it''s Europe now where she continues to sell the bulk of her records.

"I Love You" last year was good but had a few fillers on it. I hope she can get back into a studio and come up with a new contemporary pop album though and perhaps enlist some of the production teams in the UK who are still making dance pop.
the song that cjenged my world when i was 4 is ''Touch me in the morning''. Couldnt understand a word of what she was talking about (at 4 I couldnt speak english). Nobody never mentios this song... think its beutiful!!!!!
I like some of her songs but I loathe the woman herself. I''ve read all the books written about her and she comes across like a pain in the arse.
Kirkland said:
I like some of her songs but I loathe the woman herself. I''ve read all the books written about her and she comes across like a pain in the arse.

A lot of the things written about 'Miss Ross' may not be accurate. It seems that the Diana-bashing thing derives from:

- her music is too pop, not enough soul or r'n'b, so it's always annoyed the purists
- she's always married white (and rich) men

Apart from this, seems that it's not absolutely true that Flo left the Supremes only because of Diana, it was more a not very fair Motown-corporate decision.

This is, at least what David Nathan explains in an interviews book called 'Soul Divas'.


Kirkland said:
I like some of her songs but I loathe the woman herself. I've read all the books written about her and she comes across like a pain in the arse.

I think the main problem that the press have with her, is that for some unfathomable reason, they hold her responsible for Flo's death. Erm, Berry Gordy sacked her from the Supremes, and paid her off with a paltry amount, not Diana. And I'm so tired of the whole Miss Ross thing. If I could sing like her, I'd make fucking sure that I behaved far worse than requesting that her employees call her Miss Ross. Hardly the Devil incarnate is she?

I was quite amused by J. Randy Taraborrelli's claim that her staff, so pissed off with her constant rants when they called her Diana, called her Miss-Ross-to-you though.
A new Diana book is out ...with a bit of sense of humour, it seems, instead of tales on how 'bad' and 'Miss Ross' she is:

Diana's Dogs: Diana Ross and the Definition of a Diva is the somewhat odd title of a new Diana Ross book, written by Ed Ifkovic. This is the description of the book, as issued by the publisher:

The Guinness Book of World Records calls her the best-selling female singer in history. Billboard named her the Celebrity of the Century. Diana Ross, lead singer of the most popular girl group of the 1960s and later a consummate solo artist, has been in the public eye for over four decades. From 1964-when "Where Did Our Love Go?" rose to number one on the pop charts-to the present day, she has been the ultimate diva, an artist worshiped by fanatical fans, yet pilloried in the press for her temper tantrums and untoward demands.
Ed Ifkovic delivers his own spin on this international celebrity, an idiosyncratic collection of short pieces that create a portrait of the mercurial star. From a Detroit housing project to a Connecticut mansion-who is this woman who exacts such loyalty from her fans and such vitriol from her detractors? There are pieces on Diana's tantrums, true, but also jottings on the homes she's lived in, the food she eats, the cars she drives, even her role as muse for writers. There is a collection of poetic similes commentators have employed to describe her, as well as a mind-boggling catalogue of garish tabloid headlines. This off-beat book, admittedly an obsessive fan's unembarrassed send-up-equal parts delight and censure-is a spirited yet sardonic tale that also explores the integration of black music into the white mainstream. Frankly, Diana led that noble charge. What the author delights in is the unorthodox observation and gossipy tidbit that accompanied that revolution.

(From diana-web.com)
Her father passed away yesterday morning but she still played the evening concert she was scheduled to do.

A true professional.

RIP Fred Ross.
The return of Daft Punk has inspired a reinvestigation of Chic/Niles Rodgers produced albums in my collection. "Diana" (Diana Ross) is top of the list.

"My Old Piano", "Upside Down" and "I’m Coming Out" are all time incredible favourites. Please explore if you are unfamiliar with this classic album.
I'm a new Diana Ross fan, I've been listening through her albums on Spotify and it's pretty overwhelming! I'm more in to her 80s onwards stuff than the old Supremes era. The best songs I've found so far are Missing You, Swept Away, Eaten Alive and Not Over You Yet. I love her fragile voice.
I'm curious what will be in the 23-CD collection. I really hope the Diana! TV special is in it.

The Jackson 5 complete Motown Album Collection from last year is really nice. No extras but attractive and colourful packaging.
I'm keeping my eye on that Motown collection since the only Motown albums I have of hers are Workin' Overtime and Take Me Higher, but a remastered boxset of her '80s albums on RCA would be much more preferred, all things considered.
I'm mostly into her late 70s-to-RCA work, though her early Motown records really are her best. I wonder if the RCA albums will ever be back in print. The CDs are extremely expensive second hand.

Oh, and the Diana! soundtrack is awful.
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Part of me had hoped this was an update about a new album. It's been fifteen years since her last original studio album - although I get the impression that new music isn't something that she's particularly interested in.
Seriously, a coworker pointed out to me one time that Evan Ross was Diana's son and I was like, "No way," and then after a couple of moments it all set in and I was like, "How did I not realize this before??"

We won't even get into how long it took me to realize the same thing about Tracee. Embarrassing.