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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. That much is allowed, hehe!

    It’s not a bad album, it just could’ve been a lot better. It’s also strange why they didn’t fully capitalise on the success of Love Hangover, which even Diana mentions in the article, by releasing a disco album when disco was at its hottest!

    The working title of the album was Feelin’ Fun. I’ve made my own version by adding some of the tracks from the disco sessions and something from the vaults unreleased at the time (We’re Always Saying Goodbye, another of her most beautiful ballads, which was criminally overlooked by keeping it unreleased until the expanded edition of To Love Again). It’s not all disco, but in my opinion it’s a very strong and cohesive Diana album with a good flow this way.



    1. Sweet Summertime Livin’
    2. Lovin’, Livin’ And Givin’
    3. Never Say I Don’t Love You
    4. You Build Me Up To Tear Me Down
    5. You Were The One
    6. Where Did We Go Wrong
    7. We Can Never Light That Old Flame Again
    8. Fire Don’t Burn
    9. To Love Again
    10. What You Gave Me
    11. We’re Always Saying Goodbye
  2. I guess disco was still hot in 1978 so they hadn't missed the boat completely, but this revised tracklisting, although much better than the released album, still doesn't contain any real contenders for hit singles.

    Compare that to Baby It's Me and The Boss that were released directly before and after Ross. Both of them were much stronger and more cohesive albums and contained a decent range of choices for singles. Ross feels more like a Last Time I Saw Him album, with no overall theme and not enough strong material.
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  3. To Love Again is such a brilliant compilation.

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  4. Not to mention backed by a stunning artwork too!
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  5. Do we know how many songs from her ''Revelations'' have been released now, folks?
  6. I just got back from a screening of Diana's 1983 concert in Central Park at my local movie theatre. It was reissued to celebrate her 75th "Diamond Diana" birthday.

    It opened with a sweet celebratory documentary featuring her kids. It then transitioned into amazing excerpts from the rained out first day, where Diana patiently shepherds the audience to safety and promises to return the next the day. Then came the original TV presentation of the fabulous second day concert.

    I wept. It was such an incredible moment in black music history. Diana just radiates glamour, beauty, soul and confidence. She's really one of the greatest entertainers of all time.
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  7. Those images of Diana fighting the storm really are iconic. I just love her determination.
  8. She really and truly is, and dare I say it, still somewhat underrated too. That concert alone, shows just how much of a trouper she really is.
  9. Looking every inch the diva on her 75th!


    Happy birthday ma'am!
  10. Diana Ross. Thierry Mugler.

    Still iconic even when the music is lacklustre (sorry to that album, though I do like One Shining Moment as a consolation)
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  11. Diva! In the best possible way.
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  12. It's weird - she semi-regularly does corporate/private mini-concerts in the UK (friends of mine attended a birthday party where she performed).

    Maybe we all need to club together (ie. take a loan out for EUR 10,000 each) and book her...
  13. Probably gonna be the only way other wise!
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  14. This is just seriously good. Now that's what I call a modern day remix of an dance classic done right!
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  15. Isn’t there (finally) supposed to be a new album from Diana next year?
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  16. I don't know, but I do hope so. She's not quite gone the way of Tina, but still not active in the studio like Cher (sort of) has been.
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  18. While Diana has a discography peppered with obscure and slightly dusty gems, her actual hits are monumental, and it’s truly shameful that her legacy has been so ignored by the GP for the better part of the last two decades. She may be a star from another era, and some of her moves have been PR disasters, but there’s a wealth of material that deserves a more universal contemporary reassessment. Are there any in-depth interviews that showcase her musical journey? I’ve seen plenty that focus on her family and her triumphs, but I’ve never come across either a written or visual retrospective of her back catalog.
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  20. I am SO here for a new Diana album - I had almost given up hope she would release another one.
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