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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Yes, it would have made perfect sense to carry on with this and then her 3 90s albums too. Hopefully it might happen at some point even if just to cash in on the interest of the new album and (hopefully) tour.
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  2. ‘Time to Call’ is now available to listen to in full on DianaRoss.com
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  3. New song “Time To Call” is available now when you register on dianaross.com!

    It’s a lovely, lush ballad.
  4. Snap!
  5. She’s two for two with these new songs for me. Both already sound like long lost classics!
  6. This sure does feel like a classic Ms Ross ballad already and what a vocal too! Also intrigued by the news we're soon to be getting the following:
    Thank You (Dance Remixes) 6th August
    If The World Just Danced (Single #2) 20th August
    I Still Believe (Single #3) 3rd September

    Then of course, a week later, the album itself!!
  7. 2/2 for me too. It’s interesting to hear how Ms Ross’ voice has changed in the many years of no new material. There’s certainly a deeper tone to it but it’s also stronger than before I think. Certainly not a deterioration - just a different feel to it as she gracefully ages.

    Really look forward to the album and all being well the rescheduled dates.
  8. Nice how there are a few things to look forward too until the album itself is out.
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  9. Two days earlier? Can't complain, shall happily check these out!!
  10. LPT


    These positively slap!
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  11. Sure does!!
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  12. For those who have pre ordered or wish to order Thank You, it now appears that the album is now alas pushed back until at least November 5th. No current reason given as to why for the delay, but maybe they wish for Holiday sales. The two singles as planned sill out before then though.
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  13. Which Diana albums are considered her best? I have a few on vinyl (Diana, The Boss, Eaten Alive, Swept Away, Surrender, Baby It's Me, Diana Ross [76], Ross)

    - I had no idea I owned that many on vinyl!

    Are there any other 'gems' I should get? I feel like there's still so much of her music I've yet to hear.
  14. You have my favorites already but Every Day is a New Day, Workin' Overtime and Take Me Higher are really great.
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  15. A big yes to liking Workin' Overtime!!
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  16. You're off to a great start. I would start with the ones you have - The Boss (1979) and diana (1980) are peak solo Ross for me but her early albums are very strong and '80s pop-wise, you can't go wrong with Swept Away or Eaten Alive. I really like Take Me Higher and Every Day is a New Day because they're Ross with a more modern sound (although they're over 20 years old each!).
  17. I can never quite decide if The Boss or Take Me Higher is my favourite Diana album.
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  18. So excited for this album
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  19. This is everything already.
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