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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Cautiously optimistic but if the 20 seconds represents the rest of the track, I Still Believe sounds excellent.
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  2. It really does. Looking forward to it very much.
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  3. 'If the World Just Danced' is now out September 3rd with 'I Still Believe' on October 15th.
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  4. Really? Aww, was looking forward to this tomorrow. Oh well, guess another 2 weeks isn't too much though.
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  5. The new singles out at midnight wherever you are. Haven’t managed to get a listen so hopefully it’s a good one!

  6. Looking forward to this!! Nice cover art too.
  7. It’s cute. A very uptempo bop! Reminds me a bit of 80s Lionel Richie with a modern sheen.
  8. I love it! Bring on the album now already.
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  10. Love these two new remixes of If The World Just Danced:

    Love this song full stop as it happens. Really looking forward to the album now.
  11. The vocals on If The World Just Danced are really grating to me. Very strange production choices there.
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  12. The Eric Kupper Remix is a lot better than the album version! Made me like the song.
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  13. My favourite of the two remixes.
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  14. I Still Believe is out now. What a bop!
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  15. Is there a link to this anywhere? Can't find it at all.
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  16. It’s on Apple Music and iTunes! Not sure if it’s out on any other platforms though.
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  17. Thanks, can't see it on Amazon yet!
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  18. I also found it on Apple Music as part of the album, but no sign of it on Spotify. But maybe it’s good if they hold it back as a single, as apparently If The World Just Danced is currently at number 1 on Radio 2 and I Still Believe would make a worthy follow-up.
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  19. Now it’s gone from Apple Music too.
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