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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Shame, was looking forward to listening to this. Oh well, guess not too long now until the album itself is out.
  2. Fortunately someone had posted it on youtube now!

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  3. Hurrah! The wonders of modern day technology!
  4. It looks like it’s going to be smashing album!
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  5. I agree, looking forward to it very, very much.
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  6. Is it only me thinking that her vocals sound thin and the production on the new songs sound demoish?

    Update: Anyway I listened to her release in 1999 and this is no different so I guess the vocals issue is about her age. And the production is a choice. But I would still be happy to have an upgraded and up to date sound.
  7. I genuinely have no issue with either her vocals(she was never a powerhouse vocalist) or the production on the new songs. I also really don’t think the intention of the album is to sound “current”. I for one am very, very thankful for that.

    “All is Well” is out on streaming now!
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  8. Thanks! Shall happily check this out. 2 weeks to go now!!
  9. Looks like we could be getting a music video for All Is Well.
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  10. New footage of Ms Ross? Most welcome.
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  11. "All is Well" is really growing on me, I do get a little Christmas feel over the tune itself!
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  12. Still needing more time with this one compared to the other songs from Thank You so far. But a ballad from Ms Ross is always welcome!
  13. Just stumbled across this video for one of my favourite Diana songs, the amazing Hex Hector remix of Until We Meet Again

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  14. Another "I Want A Believe Moment!"
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  15. Ahead of a whole NEW (!) studio album from Ms Ross this coming Friday, playing this guilty pleasure of an album at this very moment:

    Get it's not for everyone, and fair enough too. But do have a soft spot for it. The title track and follow up flop bop Paradise, are fab especially.
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  16. Count me in on the Workin' Overtime (very small) fan club. Paradise is one of the best things she ever did.
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  17. I Still Believe comes out (properly) tonight at midnight!
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  18. I knew somehow I could count on you to back me up here! Adore the house mix of the title track also:
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  19. Workin' Overtime is one of Diana's best album artworks too. I'd love it reissued on vinyl (along with a 2CD to include all the club mixes of the singles).
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