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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Once again, knew could count on you! Same here.
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  2. Count me in! "Bottom Line" is my fav track of Workin' Overtime!
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  3. One of the best on the album I think.
  4. Have to say I’m really looking forward to Thank You. And what a treat that it’s coming out on the same day as the new ABBA LP! Though Amazon are stating delivery on the 9th for the former.

    Has Diana done any promotion for the album yet? I don’t think there are any videos.. I’ve liked the 3 songs so far, but didn’t care for the ‘treatment’ on her voice on the second track.

    This should be my last new album of 2021. Hope it’s a good one.
  5. Not as far as aware in terms of promo, aside from a few tweets here and then. Music video rumoured too for All Is Well. Looking forward to the album too and them some!
  6. I was furious when they put back Thank You in September!
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  7. Me too, at least not long now.
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  8. To quote the great lady herself, Thank You!
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  9. Short teaser from the upcoming All Is Well music video. Still such an goddess.
  10. I can’t link it because I’m crap, but there’s a new song up on Spotify (I Still Believe) now. It’s good too.
  11. Yes, this should have been out October 15th, buy mysteriously only for a while on select services such as Apple and then was pulled. Got All Is Well the following week (which appears to be given a push by Diana of sorts) and now finally this which I guess now makes it single #4. I did read online rumours the reason I Still Believe was delayed a few weeks ago, was to allow If The World Just Danced some space as the video for it had only aired just days before and was still on airplay via the likes of Radio 2 etc. Who knows though!
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  12. She looks AMAZING in the video snippet.

    Which makes me wonder even more why it was too much to do a new photo shoot for the album cover? Or at least use some archive pic which hadn’t already been used and seen so many times? I like the album cover artwork, they’ve probably done everything they possibly could to freshen it up, but still. I don’t understand.

    C297CD65-092A-4FD4-9061-FA46C697493F.jpeg EF9610FA-BEB1-48D2-8B74-8F4C0EAB2939.jpeg 526BC7E1-EEA9-437C-8D96-5F00B35C03EB.jpeg
  13. It’s an odd choice. Diana looks great.
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  14. Yes, as stunning as the Thank You artwork is, an new photo shoot or indeed even just an updated cover art, would have been most welcome.
  15. I Still Believe is a bop.
  16. It starts out like it’s going to be an almighty dirge then totally changes gear!
  17. All Is Well is the almighty dirge! I Still Believe is giving me 80s Eurovision which is no bad thing.
  18. I do expect a few almighty dirges on Thank You, because that is kind of Diana . She’s never been a stranger to a treacly ballad!
  19. Indeed, another excellent song from Thank You, very pleased with this album's offerings so far. The title track, is still by far the stand out though for me.
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