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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Hopefully my Amazon exclusive CD and black vinyl LP will arrive tomorrow from them. The marble LP and standard edition from the store likely will be next week. So long as I get a physical copy to play on my hi fi. My first listen to this album will NOT be on streaming!
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  2. Ordered my copies via Amazon too, hope they come on time too, but we'll see!
  3. CAB47FA0-FDE0-47E3-B0C2-76773B935145.jpeg
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  4. My CD is still showing as being delivered on 9th November.. It’s the one with the Amazon slipcase

    I just know this will be one of those things where Amazon won’t deliver it until the 9th, but when I look on the site tomorrow morning, it will say Prime next day delivery on the item page!

    And if I try to cancel and re-order mine, it will say it’s “preparing to dispatch”and can’t be changed!

    This looks to be the regular CD edition. The Japanese version is in a jewel case too.

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  5. That cover really is nice gotta say when all is said and done.
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  6. I´m about to pick up a package that I don´t really know what is. It could be a trillion other things but I am secretly hoping it´s from the Diana store, since people seem to be getting their copies early from somewhere.

    The Amazon exclusive CD and black vinyl has not been shipped yet and neither has the Japanese version from Amazon Japan. I am dying to finally hear a new album from Miss Ross but I will wait as long as I have to for the physical copies to arrive.
  7. The Universal store has a mention of a draw for concert tickets, for people who pre-order the album from there. But the date is said to be July 5th 2022 at the O2. Did I miss something? I thought the dates were in June?
  8. [​IMG]
    Yes all looks like June dates still to me.
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  9. I'll definitely get the Japanese pressing (once my wallet has cooled down from everything else!) I am surprised that there aren't even a couple of bonus mixes on there. Very un-Japan like.
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  10. Is the Japanese pressing slightly different then?
  11. Yes, I was hoping for some extras - at the very least a couple of remixes. Looks like it´s basically the same version as elsewhere.

    s-l1600 (1).jpg
  12. Nice to see, thanks.
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  13. Well I have a zillion other Diana SHM CDs so I need it anyway!
  14. Same!
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  15. I'm surprised they didn't include a couple of the Thank You or if The World Just Danced remixes on the Japanese edition.
  16. The Japanese MLPS of Diana from a few years back is particularly nice. It’s become my favourite version of the album.
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  18. Yep! I've really enjoyed what I've heard so far, but haven't had a chance to listen to the album yet, so can't say whether I agree with him or not. I'll be making my own mind up as I always do.
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  19. Exactly, love 3/4 of so far so hopefully that will continue. Besides, think we should all put this into perspective. This is Diana's first studio album of original material in 22 years and dare I say it, more than likely her last too if that gap is anything to go by. But not only that, Whitney is dead, as is Aretha and Donna. Tina is long retired and Cher's last album of original material was 8 years ago. There's not many of the classic original Divas left, and we should truly make the most of them and new music too. Long may Ms Ross reign.
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