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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. I actually feel a bit overwhelmed today. A new Diana album after 2 decades, an ABBA album after 4 and the camp that is the new Kylie & Jessie video. A pop (wet) dream come true! Not had the chance to listen to either album yet but my weekend if free for pretty much heavy rotation. Can’t wait. I hope the gig dates don’t change again…… I have a friend travelling from Spain to see her with me and her flight charges to change must be as much as the expensive tickets by now!
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  2. And as I said yesterday, both the new Diana and ABBA albums are ‘Prime Next Day Delivery’ on Amazon this morning whereas my preordered copies are still down for arriving on Tuesday!

    In fairness, the Diana album is £2 more now than when I ordered it..
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  3. I'm just listening to the new album now. It is a typical Diana album in every sense. In some ways that is a good thing - I don't think she needs to change her style, but as always there is too much filler. I think the vocal 'production' is a little uneven and perhaps a few more takes were needed on a couple of the ballads. Overall, it's a nice listen.
  4. It’s an odd question to ask after all these years, but is Diana’s I Love You album any good? I bought the Kim Wilde covers CD recently (Snapshots) and really liked it.

    Would Diana’s be similarly enjoyable?
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  5. Giving Thank You my first listen as I write, the title track is still top tier Ms Ross for me and one of my all time favourites for me-if not THE favourite for me. Hope it will be a good listen overall, on the bright side either way, my Amazon order of the vinyl and slip case CD has been dispatched-yay!
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  6. Word from the great lady herself:
  7. Well...

    I actually pretty enjoyed that! Yes, it IS rather ballad heavy, but those are Diana's trademarks after all, those expecting an album full of poppers a clock bangers, need to go elsewhere. That said, there ARE a few uptempo offerings, and good ones at that. In all, Thank You feels like an album that is all things Diana Ross (songs of love, hope, empowerment, camp, spoken word vocals) yet suitable for 2021, without losing what makes Diana Ross, well Diana Ross. Welcome back.
  8. Not really. The title track is lovely, but it is the only original song. The covers range from acceptable to unplayable. I don't re-visit it often and then only skip through to certain tracks.

    Even the cover is pretty depressing. Another old photo.
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  9. Accurate summing up. If I’m honest, it’s a bit too ballad heavy… To the point where you sometimes get 2-3 slow songs in a row… However, it’s great to have that distinctive voice back again.

    I’m listening on Spotify which isn’t as satisfying to me. Looking forward to receiving the CD and getting to know the songs properly.
  10. Yes, the sequencing could have done with a of a mix up, will say that.
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  11. First time listening is always hit and miss though. Like with Voyage, I’m looking forward to hearing Thank You again.
  12. Can't believe we've got both of these albums on the same day! Bliss. A perfect way to celebrate my 1st anniversary of living in Scotland with my boyfriend-had Kylie with Disco the day after I moved up too!
  13. Yes, it’s a year tomorrow since Disco came out, isn’t it? Still love that album though Amazon tried to fuck up the delivery and spoil it for me!
  14. I was really looking forward to this album but overall it’s a bit underwhelming.
    I actually preferred the ballads and found the up tempo stuff more forgettable.
    It probably didn’t help that it was released the same day as the new ABBA album. (Which is amazing)
    Maybe it just needs a few more listens.
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  15. Yep, an whole year tomorrow already, madness! And the re issue out next week as well. Certainly one of her strongest albums. Hope Diana will still follow in Kylie's footsteps at the Legends slot at Glastonbury too next year-classic Diva following another classic Diva, feels right somehow.
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  16. Disco was a brilliantly executed campaign. I can’t wait for Kylie’s next album. IMO, she’s one of the few acts who gets better with the years.
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  17. I'm biased (and don't care!), but I think she is so too. Know Kylie herself likes both ABBA and Ms Ross, wonder if she's listened to both their new albums yet??!
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  18. Video for All Is Well premieres at 5pm UK time.

    From her socials, it looks as though there might be a video for I Still Believe too?
  19. Much preferred this when listening to it as part of the whole album. But shame personally this is the single so far she seems to be invested in the most.
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  20. My Thank You order from Amazon, just arrived-the album cover, looks truly stunning on vinyl too, comes to life.
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