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Diana Ross

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Did you have the slipcase CD too? What’s that like? Amazon still have mine down for Tuesday, but I expect this will be one of these dreaded limbo situation where the order doesn’t actually get sent out…
  2. Well I think it’s a WONDERFUL album. On my hi fi it sounds so warm and clear, and it’s been a truly joyous experience to listen to a new Diana Ross album of original material for the first time in over 20 years. The ballads vs uptempo tracks balance seems to be about right for me. I didn’t have an issue with the sequencing at all. Each ballad has its own character, unlike the conveyor belt ones of the ‘90s.

    I’m on my second listen and I like every track. There’s a nod to both her Motown and RCA era’s in sound, which will make this one of my favourite Diana albums.

    10/10 from me.
  3. Yes, got the slipcase and looks nice in the flesh. Quite sturdy too.
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  4. Hopefully my copy will be here before Diana releases another album!
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  5. Well, just watched the music video for All Is Well. Well, nice as it always is to see Ms Ross and new footage of Ms Ross at that, I still think the song works much better when part of the whole album-the song on it's own doesn't do too much for me being totally honest. The video itself is not something go back to again either. Wish one of the other (better) ballads was a single.
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  6. She looks so gorgeous in the video for All is Well. Why didnt she use that videoshoot for the album cover?
  7. The video shoot only happened around two weeks ago.
  8. No.

    Almost through my first listen of this (ABBA hogged my CD Player all morning) and you have all nailed it when you said it's a typical Diana album. Some really great tracks and plenty of dreary ballads. The title track. In Your Heart and I Still Believe are early favorites.

    Edit: Okay how the hell did nobody veto the vocal on Time to Call? It sounds really, really bad.
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  9. I think All Is Well is probably my least favourite overall all round to be honest.
  10. Just given Thank You my second full listen, I think it really is a good album and works much better as a full listen as an album I think.
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  11. Mine should be here this afternoon from Amazon.
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  12. Hope so, very lucky I got mine yesterday-and most surprised!
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  13. If some of the reports of what Miss Ross is like to work with are true, I doubt anyone would have dared (or looked her in the eye)...
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  14. Nice to see my choice of streaming service promote the album here.
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  15. I think she sounds lovely on it. Which parts do you take issue with?

    She's 77 and still sounds incredible to me!
  16. I love the album too. Took a few listens, but it's a rather gorgeous affair.
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  17. It's lovely with a new album, but I wish the lyrics were better. It's cliche after cliche all the way through.
  18. It took me ages to actually get the chance to listen in full but I did so last night. So lovely to have Ms Ross back with what is likely to be her swan song. I do agree it’s a little bloated with ballads so could’ve lost a couple - but overall it’s a solid enough album and a joy to have an absolute legend still making music after so long. The singles and pre releases I feel are the strongest tracks hence their release but I will give this more spins before Christmas music takes over (I have a strict Dec 1st rule for anything festive so not to overkill).
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  19. Controversial I know, but think I prefer Thank You to Voyage.
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  20. I tried to download the digital copies from my 2 vinyl LPs (strange Diana gives codes with vinyl but Abba didn't). However, neither code worked. So anyone who has just the LP but wants it digitially should probably check their code works and report if not.

    Not a major issue for me as I have 2 CDs and the hi res version, plus the Japan one on the way, but I was going to just burn the digital download to disc for the car. So ripping the disc instead like ye olde days.
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