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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Thanks - I did the same with the singles.

    First impression is great! This album is not going to top the best ones she has released (neither did I expect that) but it sounds excellent, after all this wait for new material from her. I need to let the album sink in more before I can really form an opinion though.

    Did you order the Japanese version from Amazon Japan? I got a nice, large print of the album cover with the CD (same with the Abba CD+2DVD version of Voyage).
  2. The album gets better each listen I think. Also think alot of the songs, work much better when enjoyed as part of the whole album.
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  3. CD is £5.99 on Amazon now.
  4. Already? Wow.
  5. 'Thank You' charted at #7, her first UK top 10 album in 26 years!
  6. #6 when I first looked, then changed to number 7. How weird.

    still, what a great result, highest non-hits charting album since 1976.
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  7. Fantastic news and nice to see. Was expecting perhaps a bigger drop following the initial midweeks.
  8. I really hope that the chart placing of the album will open the doors for the long rumored deluxe editions of her 1989-1999 albums.

    I enjoy Thank You very much! All four teasers/singles are excellent and I am especially hooked on "Time To Call".
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  9. I see that The Motown Anthology compilation which was up for about a year on streaming has now disappeared as well.
    So none of the multi-disc greatest hits are now on streaming in the UK.
    Hopefully they'll follow up with a bigger greatest hits next year.
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  10. There were rumors about a "re-launch" of the 2011 compilation The Greatest, to coincide with the 2020 tour dates (as well as a couple of TV documentaries and possible re-issues of her 1989-1999 albums). Hopefully these will all still happen, considering she´s doing Glastonbury and the new album went top 10.

    I personally hope for a new greatest hits. I know her main ones are still in print on CD but getting one out there on vinyl would be great since there is no Diana greatest hits compilation currently in print on vinyl.
  11. I'd like an expanded version of Love & Life (one of my all time favourite greatest hits) to a 3CD version like Kylie's Step Back In Time to include some of the lesser known 80s singles such as Eaten Alive, Swept Away, Dirty Looks, Experienced, Pieces of Ice, Paradise etc. Too often Diana's compilations focus on the 70s and her 80s output gets overlooked.
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  12. Absolutely! I quite enjoy this Dutch compilation because it includes Swept Away, Eaten Alive and Touch By Touch.


    A 3CD version of Love & Life (also one of my all time favorite Greatest Hits compilations, by anyone) with several of those overlooked 80s singles would be fantastic! The Dutch single disc version actually includes both Eaten Alive and Touch By Touch!

  13. An new Diana Greatest Hits that also for once doesn't overlook her work from much of the 80s and 90s and readily available in all formats, would be most welcome and long overdue! Still can't believe they removed Love and Life from streaming!
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  14. It seems that Thank You has debuted at #92 on the US album chart and #38 on the RnB chart (although I can´t find the actual charts yet).

    I can´t understand why she does so badly in the US. Excluding I Love You, this is her first Top 100 studio album in the States since 1987! I know she got a lot of bad press because of that dreadful biography in the 80s etc but still... I Love You (which had a lot of promo) finally returned her to the Top 40. The complete lack of promo this time around is probably a partial factor.

    The album has gone Top 50 in some European countries, including Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
  15. Still truly glad Thank You made top 10 in the UK. Truly deserved, great return from Ms Ross.
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  16. I like the album but don’t love it after repeated plays. My issue is actually her voice - I know she is getting older but the deep sounding tone on some of the tracks I find jarring. It actually reminds me of the change in Whitney’s voice on her last album. Still good just very different- maybe I’ll get used to it and hopefully she still does a good live show when the tour and Glastonbury come around.
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  17. I can't believe bought these tickets 2 years ago now and still yet to see!
  18. Me too! Hopefully it actually happens next summer. I have held into the tickets when most others I took refunds due to the constant changes (not the artists fault I know but my plans got in the way of new dates)
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  19. Fingers crossed all round for 2022!
  20. I can’t see it on the US chart anywhere… not even top 200. Am I a week too late?
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